Interview tips

Tips on our competencies, your job role, the qualification you’ll study and everything else to get you ready for your interview.

The experience/assessment day

There is that one thing that looms large and foreboding at the end of the process that can seem very daunting –  the assessment day. The first thing to note is that you’ve already done very well to get this far in the process (well done!). You’ve made it through the initial application, the strengths assessment, the digital interview and […]

School leavers

Still at school/college and weighing up your options? Take a look at our new top tips for school leavers section.

Strengths assessment

Online tests can be a daunting experience. So, we have put our heads together and come up with some hints on how to succeed.


In this section are some of our tips for completing your online application and some ideas of what we think are vital aspects to being successful.

Digital Assessment

Part of our application process is a digital interview. In order to help those of you sitting these, we have put together some advice and some tips to be considered when preparing for the assessment.