Strengths assessment

After completing the application form, you’ll be sent a link to the next stage of the process- the Strengths Assessment. This is an assessment where you will be fully immersed into life as a Grant Thornton trainee! The questions will revolve around situations you could encounter and how you would approach challenges and obstacles that may come your way in life as a trainee here.

  • This will give you a really good feel of what it’s like to work at here, so relax and enjoy it!
  • We’re not trying to catch you out, we’re just really interested in understanding how you approach tasks in a range of situations.
  • The assessment will take around 35 minutes, so it’s best to make sure you’re fully alert and sat somewhere comfortable, as once you begin the assessment, you cannot pause part way through.
  • You’ll get a brilliant feedback report irrespective of the outcome, that shows your strengths and what you might want to work on.
  • After we get the results, we then look at your whole application and make a decision whether or not to progress you to the next