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#WWYAB – Feedback

As I write this blog we are well into appraisal season and the subject of feedback is a particularly relevant one. Since joining Grant Thornton two years ago, what started off as a very conscious process has now become a very natural part of my everyday life. Read this post

#WWYAB – Set goals and plan

I’m sat in Cardiff train station on my way to Barry Island this morning (I know what you’re thinking but the client isn’t Gavin or Stacey!) Anyway, the reason I’m sitting here is because I have just missed the train that gets me there in enough time to get a coffee before I meet my clients, perhaps if I had taken my own piece of advice last night to set goals and plan  then I might have been sitting with my morning cappuccino as I type.

Applying for the start of your career is always a really difficult process, but I found that mine was made a lot easier as soon as I started to do those two things: set goals and plan. Read this post

#WWYAB – Introduction

When you visit Grant Thornton, be that through the internet, in our offices or at a campus careers day, we are always asking you one simple but powerful question; what would your advice be? You’ll spot this question because it’s at the core of our brand; we want business advisers who think like business advisers – having critical thinking edge is what sets us apart. Read this post