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The School Leaver Series 2016 – Jenny


Over the course of this week, we will be sharing a number of blogs from a few of our school leavers from across the firm. In these blogs, we will be sharing some of the great experiences we’ve had since working at Grant Thornton, whilst at the same time, talking about the key themes that come with joining as a school leaver, as opposed to being a graduate. We hope you find these useful!

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Being an in-charge at Grant Thornton

“The price of greatness is responsibility” – Winston Churchill

Having now been at Grant Thornton for over a year and a half, one of my objectives this year was to in-charge a small audit before Christmas. So a few weeks ago I had my first in-charge job – objective…Tick!

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#WWYAB – Seizing Opportunities

One of the most important things for me of working at a large firm such as Grant Thornton is the opportunities that are presented to you. From my induction at Talent 12, I remember our CEO, Scott Barnes, telling us that we are all responsible for shaping our own future. I feel the way each of us can best do this is to work extremely hard along the way and continue to look to challenge ourselves.

My advice for all trainees is…

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Molly’s Accelerate Diary – October 2013

October has been a month that has seen me really start to pick up the pace of revision. With my first two ACCA exams taking place on the 3 and 9 December this might sound like a lifetime away, but what with working full time and trying to squeeze in a little bit of a social life, the revision has to start now. This has caused me to feel somewhat like a working, revising robot so, at the end of a hard days revision, for which I had taken a day’s holiday,  I treated myself to…

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#WWYAB – Take the Step


So you’ve got 10 A*’s at GCSE, three A’s at A-Level and a first degree from University, that’s great. In fact, that is a fantastic academic record and a wonderful start to any application that you make to a graduate employer, however it is only the start. With the competitive graduate employment market it is important to be able to demonstrate more than a sound academic record, and at Grant Thornton we have recognised this.

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The Perks of being a School Leaver

The recent release of this year’s A Level results caught my attention when I heard that a record 401,000 applicants had been accepted for undergraduate courses within 24 hours of receiving their results, that’s 9% higher than last year.

When fees were trebled to £9,000 in 2012 many expected that more students would opt instead for higher level apprenticeships, which provide workplace experience and a professional qualification.  I was surprised then to discover that recent findings by the AAT showed that 81% of parents are unaware that a higher apprenticeship is an university-level qualification. Read this post

Life in London Audit

Grant Thornton Football Tournament 2013

Adam joined Grant Thornton as a trainee in September 2012. He is our new regular guest blogger and will be giving you an insight into life as an Audit trainee in London.

This is my first blog for “Spilling The Beans” and pondering what to open with  has been surprisingly difficult. Tossing between profundity and wit and whether I could pull either off caused far too much confusion for me and so I decided it would be better just to describe my motivation for becoming a guest blogger. Read this post

Molly’s Accelerate Diary – May 2013

First thing’s first, I got my Personal Tax results and passed! With this big weight off my mind I headed off for a week in Ibiza to relax and not be tempted to look at my emails.

On my return to the office for the first time in a month, I got stuck into some audit planning work. An audit consists of planning, fieldwork and concluding stages. When you begin life as an audit trainee at Grant Thornton you are thrown straight into the middle part, the fieldwork.

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My Journey from Intern to Employee

Hi, I’m Toby

I loved university, my three years at the University of East Anglia were some of the best of my life. The friends I met and the memories I have will last a lifetime. Summer days sitting in the square or down by the lake, Saturday nights in the Student Union, spending time with mates and even lectures are remembered with fondness.

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Location Blog Special – London Euston

Over the past few months I’ve found it fascinating to read our series of Location Blogs from guest bloggers around the country. It’s certainly encouraged me to find a way of visiting a few more of the Grant Thornton offices and has made me realise how much I miss my university city of Bristol. Now, however, the baton has been passed to me. It’s the turn of the London Euston blog!

There are two offices based in London, London Euston and London Finsbury. Although they both have the obvious advantage of being based in the capital, the offices themselves are quite different, both in terms of services provided and the general vibe. We’ll be posting a blog on the London Finsbury office next week.

The London Euston office is located right next to Euston station which makes commuting really easy (Euston station is on the Northern and Victoria line and both Kings Cross St Pancras and Euston Square stations are just a couple of minutes walk away). Although Euston itself might not be the most attractive or exciting part of London, it’s only two tube stops from Oxford Street and ten minutes from central London. The proximity to the station means there are loads of places to go for lunch nearby, including Nandos. This is my team’s (and most of the office’s) favourite place to eat, so much so that Grant Thornton employees get a discount on Fridays! The office also has a subsidised canteen which does a good range of sandwiches, salads and hot meals.

We occupy all eight floors of Grant Thornton House (as you would expect!), and the departments based here are mostly Tax and Audit. The teams based in the London Finsbury office tend to be ones like Corporate Finance and Recovery & Reorganisation due to the office’s proximity to the City.

It’s difficult to describe the type of clients we have as there are such a variety of teams in London. Being based in the capital city our clients do tend to be large companies, a lot of them being related to financial services. In my team (Entrepreneur & Private Client) we work for High Net Worth Individuals and Entrepreneurs so we have some really interesting high profile clients.

Last year the Grant Thornton London offices took on 38 trainees in total, 26 in audit and 12 in tax. The large number of the trainees joining in the same intake means you’re in the same boat as a lot of people which makes the change from university or school to ‘real life’ that bit easier. There’s also plenty of scope for social events.

The social activities aren’t restricted to the trainees. Most teams will have social events during the year, for example, my team had a Chinese meal followed by karaoke two weeks ago and on Wednesday there’s a pub quiz. For the whole firm there is also the legendary London Christmas Party. Employees from Euston, Finsbury and Gatwick are invited to this event so there are normally around 1,000 people there. This year the theme was Gatsby Glamour and we took over Vinopolis in London Bridge.

As in all of our offices there are plenty of opportunities to get involved in volunteering. In the past I have taken part in the JP Morgan Challenge (a 5k run in Battersea Park) and I have taught Money Maths to 9 year olds in a local primary school for one hour a week. There are also a variety of sports clubs and other groups such as a below manager networking group.

I will leave it there before the rest of the team accuse me of rambling on about London again but feel free to ask me questions below or let me know if you would like to know something about a specific department.