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The people make the place – The return of an old face

Business travel, for some it’s a chore that gets in the way of the day-to-day work. For me, it’s an exciting way to see the world and meet interesting people. My new role in Corporate Finance specifically appealed to me because of the travel I would do alongside the services I provide.

As I sit in the airport lounge waiting for my flight home after a week on a project abroad, I find myself in a pertinent frame of mind about how people interact with each other in different parts of the world, and what makes certain places so attractive.

Where I’ve travelled before, I’ve found that the most interesting parts of a place are the people who reside there. This week has been a perfect reflection of that; I’ve worked with fascinating people and have sought to understand more about life in their world. Read this post

Nick’s Diary – June 2013

June has arguably been the best month of my working career. The exams are in the past, I’ve been taking on plenty of additional responsibility and I’m starting to see the beginning of the end of my time as a trainee.¬†As a result of this, I’ve been spending more time travelling across the South and building relationships with our Oxford and Reading offices.

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Filling the Gap

If you take anything from reading the blogs on this site, one message should seep through everything we write, that is: proactivity pays. For users of this site, my advice in terms of applications is always to be proactive and get in there early. I applied for my role at Grant Thornton on the day that the applications opened in August 2009. I started in January 2011, nearly two and a half years later.

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Nick’s Diary – May 2013

The nature of the life of a trainee is that, for a couple of months a year, we leave the office and head over to college for study and revision for exams. As mentioned in my last blog, April was a month spent in front of books as I completed my final CTA stage. For May, it’s the ACA trainees turn to be out of the office as they prepare for June and July exams.

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Nick’s Diary – April 2013

April has proved to be a month where my focus has almost entirely been on my future. Though the first weekend of the month played to the Southern Chartered Accountants Student Society (SCASS) Ball which was a great opportunity to get the bow-tie out and have a good night out with fellow colleagues. In keeping with last year, the event was held at St Mary’s Football Stadium and never fails to be a well talked about night during the year.

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Jonathan’s Public Sector Diary – Q1 2013

Hi, I’m Jonathan and I am an Associate in Public Sector Assurance working from the Birmingham Office. The aim of this blog is to give an insight into the life of a Public Sector Assurance trainee, the clients we work with and my experiences so far.

Public Sector Assurance at Grant Thornton has grown rapidly in the last six months with over 300 former Audit Commission staff joining across the UK in November 2012, bringing with them their wide-ranging portfolio of clients making Grant Thornton UK LLP the leading provider of audit services to the Public Sector. Typical clients in this sector are Local Government, NHS and Police Authorities, but there are also opportunities to work with not-for-profit organisations such as Housing Associations (the sector I worked in before joining Grant Thornton) and academic institutions.

Since joining in January 2013 I have worked with a clients in local government and a Police Authority. The work I have done so far has contributed to the ‘interim’ stage of the audit, which is essentially planning and preparation for the audit of clients final produced accounts. During this period I have travelled to areas such as the Peak District and also central Birmingham (a convenient two minute walk from the office!).

During my long commutes to the Peak District I had the opportunity to listen to morning radio, and what has really struck me is how the public sector makes the headlines on an almost daily basis. If it is not an NHS Trust making the headlines, it is a Police Authority or a Local Council! This shows how dynamic the sector is and how important the work we do is to ensuring that public money is being spent correctly.

As I write this blog I think about the experiences I have already had in the (nearly) four months I have been at Grant Thornton. Training for my Police audit has seen me go down to our Finsbury Square office in London and I have driven around cross-referencing physical assets (such as a Caravan park!) with deeds held by a Council.

The Public Sector busy season begins next week as NHS final accounts begins. This will be my first experience of final accounts (the audit of the financial accounts produced by the client) and I have no doubt that this will be hard work. Long hours will need to be put in but above all I am looking forward to the new experiences NHS final accounts will bring to continue my learning and development. Once NHS final accounts have been completed we move straight onto local government and police final accounts (after a brief holiday for me) and I look forward to telling you about what I have been up to.

If you have any questions you can find me on Twitter @GT_JonathanM or feel free to comment below.

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