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Guest Post: Shared Enterprise Isn’t Just Marshmallows and Spaghetti

Hi, my name is Eloise and I am doing my internship in the audit department at the Leicester office. Leicester is one of the smaller offices, so I thought that, in addition to doing the shared enterprise survey between the offices, it would be fun to organise a more hands-on activity which would relate to shared enterprise- Marshmallows and Spaghetti was born! Read this post

The Bank Levy Explained

The bank levy was a measure introduced by the UK government in January 2011 in an attempt try to claw back some of the country’s deficit, whilst increasing regulation enforced on those thought to be responsible for the financial crisis. Since I am currently interning in Financial Services Tax, I thought I would explain the levy and give you a little insight into how the change has affected the team here at Grant Thornton.  Read this post

Guest Post: First few weeks of interning in Glasgow


bradenham manor

Hello fellow readers!

This is my very first Spilling the Beans post (might not be the last one! Who knows?), I thought it would be a good idea for me to share with you my first few weeks at Grant Thornton.

Before I do that, just a short and sweet introduction about me: I am Martina, based in the Glasgow Office interning for the Public Sector Audit service line. I study Economics with Business at the University of Glasgow, or as many of us there like to call it, ‘Hogwarts’.

Day 1: National Induction – this was based in London (Finsbury Square). So what happened there? Well, a bunch of us from Glasgow took the flight to London and stayed at an amazing hotel within the Square Mile. Although we did not have much time to do some sightseeing, we still managed to get a good glimpse of what’s around the office, including the Bank of England (very impressive building, just a short walk away!). The day itself was jam-packed with activities, networking opportunities, hints and tips on how to get a graduate offer, a thorough introduction to the company, crowned by the presence of the CEO, Sacha! Sacha gave us a very inspiring speech  and we were amazed by how relaxed the atmosphere was on the whole day.

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We’re Not In Tax Anymore, Toto…

Now in my third week of interning in Financial Services Tax (and fresh from a couple of well-fed days at Bradenham!), my manager kindly organised for me to work shadow in Grant Thornton’s Business Growth Services department for two days. I thought I would share my experience with you – and no, I hadn’t heard of it either! Read this post

Guest Post: Life as Tax Interns in London

Alyssa , Mark

Hear from two Summer interns, Alyssa and Mark, who are both working in Tax at the Grant Thornton Euston, London office. They will answer everyday questions that you may have about applications and give you a taste of what they have experienced so far, two weeks into their internships. Read this post

Guest Post: First Weeks of Interning in Bristol

During second year along with the joys of realising you’re halfway through your degree comes the daunting realisation that the long couple of months of ‘holiday’ in front of you actually has to be filled with something other than lying around in your onesie. My intern partner, Amy, and I can give you a little insight into how we swapped this for joining the Grant Thornton team at Bristol this summer. Read this post

Week 2 #GTinterns Competition Result


week 2 winner cropped

The Week 2 #GTinterns Comepetition results are out! The Intern Takeover Team is delighted to have Steve Leith, a director working in the Technology, Media and Telecommunications team as our guest judge for the week. Keep reading to find out a more about what Steve does, and also to find out your the winner of the week 2 #GTinterns competition.

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A Conversation with…. an Audit Contractor

a conversation with

This is the first of a series of interviews in which the Intern Takeover team will host. We hope to interview various people in different positions and departments throughout the firm. Hopefully this will shed some light on the different people at Grant Thornton. Looking at their roles within the firm, and digging deeper into how they got to where they did. We are looking at interviewing a wide range of people, so this could be anyone from another intern, to even the CEO. So make sure you watch this space! To kick us off I had a conversation with Dion who is working in the Public Sector Audit department on a temporary contractual basis.

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