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Guest Post: Shared Enterprise Isn’t Just Marshmallows and Spaghetti

Hi, my name is Eloise and I am doing my internship in the audit department at the Leicester office. Leicester is one of the smaller offices, so I thought that, in addition to doing the shared enterprise survey between the offices, it would be fun to organise a more hands-on activity which would relate to shared enterprise- Marshmallows and Spaghetti was born! Read this post

My Grant Thornton: The Vision


It was around 5 years ago during this time of the year, while captaining my school handball team in an inter-school competition, that I had an experience that changed how I viewed teamwork. In a crucial match against the holding district champions, I had managed to create an opening by breaking the deadlock in no time and thus living up to the expectations held on me as the captain. Soon enough , I was able to create another goal scoring opportunity for my team member and never did I anticipate myself to feel prouder when my teammate seized the chance to double the lead. It was then when I realised that achieving success collectively could generate greater satisfaction than if compared to achieving something individually.   Read this post

Election 2015: The Business Debate

Having just sat down on the train and opened my laptop to write this blog, my initial thoughts are: Wow, that was awesome!

The gorgeous sunny walk back to Euston and the magnificent setting of the British Museum were a pleasure. However, this morning’s Election business debate hosted by Grant Thornton, watched by 300 business leaders in the auditorium and broadcast to a wider audience via Bloomberg TV, was the real highlight. I will bet that no one watching  went home disappointed!

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A CLEARR night at the museum

Hopefully you’ll have seen and heard about the six core ‘CLEARR’ values of Grant Thornton, if not then Emily’s guest blog is a great place to find out more. Why do we value them so highly, and what affect do they have on our day to day lives at Grant Thornton?  Well, apart from being a great place to start interview preparation and being qualities that we are looking for at the firm, what you’ll soon learn when joining is that Points Mean Prizes!

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Guest Blog by Ivana: ‘Diversity’ – an elusive catchphrase

‘Join a truly global organisation’, ‘We value diversity’, ‘ We pride ourselves in our international work environment’ are just some of the catchphrases you might have encountered when applying for internship or graduate positions with various employers.  What do they mean in reality?

My name is Ivana and I am Bulgarian. I hope that sharing my experience with Grant Thornton will make these phrases a bit less abstract and put them into context. This blog is, however, not just targeted at international students; my aim is to convey a wider message about the culture within Grant Thornton.

To me these phrases became less abstract several weeks into my internship. There I was, enjoying the end of a productive workshop day at Bradenham and watching some of my fellow interns play a strange game called ‘croquet’.  I understand that playing croquet is somewhat popular in England but I had never heard of it before. Everyone was eager to help me learn the game and I felt the truly inclusive environment Grant Thornton is known for.

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My first…..”in-charge role (part 2)”

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog about my experience of being an in-charge for the first time and all the work I had carried out so far to plan the audit. Now, two weeks later, the audit testing is done, the file has been reviewed by the manager and partner and I think I can safely say that the last fortnight has been very challenging but rewarding. One of the things that has really struck me about being an in-charge is how relevant the CLEARR values are and in this blog I hope to provide some context as to why we look for trainees who can demonstrate the CLEARR values.

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