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Vibrant economy: what does it all mean?

If someone asked you ‘what is the purpose of Grant Thornton?’ would you be able to answer them? You may think about audit or tax or other services offered by the firm…however the reality is a much bigger goal. Per the Grant Thornton website ‘our purpose is to shape a vibrant economy, and our vision is that by 2020 we will be the go-to firm for growth for dynamic organisations’. Doesn’t that sound impressive?! In this blog I hope to uncover a bit more about what the vibrant economy campaign means and how it has impacted on my role as a trainee in the Sheffield audit team. Read this post

#Six Nations Series: Scotland. Working in the Glasgow office (insights from a football fan)

Six Nations

Why did you choose the Glasgow office?

Rather uninterestingly the main reason is that I live in Glasgow and I also went to the University of Glasgow. Initially I thought that’s what it boils down to for most people but when I think about my colleagues that’s not always the case. Someone who started as a graduate with me comes from Nottingham and just wanted a change, so there are all sorts of reasons you might choose Glasgow. A lot of it, I reckon, is down to the city itself being an exciting place to live with a vibrant atmosphere, rich history and plenty to do. Our office is right at the heart of it on Queen Street at the corner of George Square. Overall our office is made up of people from all over the UK (our managing partner is from Manchester); as well as secondees from as far afield as Texas. So on second thought, I guess there is a big draw to working in the Glasgow office.

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#Six Nations Series: England. The one with Andy and Danny Cipriani


Andy, are you a rugby fan and do you have a favourite rugby player? Whose rugby player’s career do you want your Grant Thornton career to resemble, and why?

Amazingly, not only am I an accountant, I’m also a massive rugby fan. The Six Nations closely rivals Christmas and the Summer for my favourite time of the year, despite the inevitable moment when you realise England will finish 2nd…again. My favourite rugby player ever simply has to be Jonny Wilkinson, a beautiful player and just a once in a generation fly-half. I don’t think I would hear the end of it if I said my Grant Thornton career resembled him! As a result I would say my career is probably modelled on that of Danny Cipriani, like him, I’ve moved about a fair bit (started in the Bristol Public Sector Audit (PSA) team, moved to the London PSA team and am currently on secondment in the Business Consulting team within Corporate Finance) and like him at the moment, I need to continue working on my game to ensure selection. Fortunately, unlike Danny I have managed to avoid negative press from the tabloids in recent years!

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#Six Nations Series: Wales. The Grant Thornton Twist

The next Six Nations game is not until the 26th February but we have good news: to make the wait easier and keep up the spirit, we decided to recreate our own Grant Thornton Six Nations tournament.

Up until March 19th we will run a series of Q&A blogs with some willing volunteers from a variety of Grant Thornton UK offices, ranging from Cardiff, Glasgow, and London Finsbury.

To allow you to compare and contrast trainee experience across the UK, the Spilling the Beans team has  asked the 4 trainees identical questions. The replies we got have been fascinating …every office has its own little quirks, rituals and ways of working, yet what seems to be the common theme is our culture and our values. See for yourself what we mean!

Just in time for the Wales vs. France game next week, we start with the Cardiff office and Hannah.

Six Nations

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New Year, New…Job?


What’s your New Year’s Resolution? Go to the gym? Visit a new country? Apply to Grant Thornton? Whatever it is you’re looking to do, don’t do it before checking out our blogs this week as part of our New Year’s Resolution Series, where a few members of the team will be sharing their experiences from their past year, and what they’re looking forward to in the next. First up is Izzy from our Finsbury Square office to talk about her experiences in 2015. Over to you…! Read this post

Talent… welcome to Grant Thornton

It’s Tuesday, the first day of Talent 15. It’s around 8:30am. Actually, it’s around 8:27am. You know what? Let’s call it as it is: it’s 8:27am exactly. I know that for sure. I’ve been turning my phone over in my hands ever since I got on the train at Stourbridge Junction to head into the Birmingham office, clocking every single minute.

All of this because I’m 33 minutes away from delivering exactly the same introductory talk for our 2015 trainees as I gave to our 2014 cohort, ahead of my second Talent event (the introduction for new starters to the firm) in two years.

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A Conversation with… The CEO part 5

The conversation with the CEO comes to an end. Watch the last episode of the series where we get to know more about Sacha outside of work. Sacha talks about her favourite books,  favourite music, her dream three course meal… and as a bonus, tells us about her dream three course dessert.

Thanks to everyone who has been following the series!