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Living in London – Sam’s Accelerate Diary

Tower Bridge

Well, not exactly, but it definitely felt like it! Spending Monday to Friday in the hustle and bustle of the city for a few weeks was a real eye-opener into what it’s like living in the capital, and a great chance to catch some sights of Tower Bridge, the London Eye, and a lot of different train lines! Here’s a quick catch up of what I’ve been doing since my last blog back in September, and what I’ve got coming up until Christmas. Read this post

School leaver to life in New Zealand

It is an amazing thing to feel not only wanted at your job, but to feel like you really are a valued member of the team.

Grant Thornton will not only provide you with the opportunity to have the career that you desire, but will also support you in developing other aspects of yourself. Essentially, the benefits of working for Grant Thornton extend beyond the job. You can have a good career in audit with a number of quality firms; working for Grant Thornton will benefit you in other ways too. And that’s the real value.

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Sam’s First Accelerate Diary – That School Leaver Team Day

CakeHi everyone! So it’s been a while since I’ve written a blog, but I’ve been recently working with a few of the interns that came in and took over the site over the summer. If you haven’t read any of the Intern Takeover blogs or seen what they’ve been up to, take some time to have a look around and read up on some of the projects they got involved in, here! Read this post

Guest Post: Work Experience With The Head Of Tax


Hi, I am Navin Sharma. I have been working in the Trusts and Estates department in the Norwich office for just under a year.

A few months ago, Jonathan Riley (Head of Tax in the UK)  visited Norwich. I plucked up the courage and sent him an email to see if I could spend some time with him, getting a real feel for what he does. Last week, I was fortunate enough to spend 3 days shadowing him. It was a great time to join him; it was our year end and also the week before the Budget when Jonathan had many interesting and exciting events going on. Read this post

Molly’s Half Yearly Accelerate Diary… (I’ve been busy!)

It’s been a long, long time since I last wrote a blog, and although really I have no excuse it has been a whirlwind six months. I’ve just spent some of my lunch reading a blog written by Perry Burton, our head of London Audit, where he pointed out that in life you either get excuses or results, and that even though some excuses may be good, they are never as good as results.

What I’m about to do is write a somewhat reflective blog all about my excuses for not writing one, with the outcome being a resulting blog! Make sense? No? I’ll continue anyway… Read this post

Futures Day with the Social Mobility Foundation

Izzy had the opportunity to help out at Grant Thornton London region’s first Futures Day for students currently in their first year of A levels. Here she explains…..

The social Mobility Foundation (SMF) is a charity which aims to make a practical improvement in social mobility for young people from low-income backgrounds. The SMF was founded by Linkson Jack in 2005 in order to provide opportunities and networks of support for 16-17 year olds who are unable to get them from their schools or families. Eight years on, the first students supported by them have gone on to be successful in achieving degrees and graduate entry jobs.  They also extend support to students throughout university across 11 career sectors (Accountancy, Architecture, Banking & Finance, Biology & Chemistry, Business, Engineering & Physics, Law, Media & Communications, Medicine, Politics, and Technology) and run programmes to support young people wherever they live in the UK.

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Guest Blog – Why VAT?


Today’s blog is written by Aqeel, from the Milton Keynes office. Aqeel works in VAT, and goes on to explain what a typical day is like for a trainee in this department, and what it’s like working in this form of tax advisory.  For those of you who may be thinking about applying to any one of the tax graduate or school leaver schemes, read on to find out more about what different kind of tax jobs there are available at Grant Thornton. Read this post

My first…’Close-out’ Meeting

Business Presentation

This week’s guest blog is written by Georgina, who is an associate in Audit from the Milton Keynes office who recently joined us in August 2014. Not long ago, she attended a close-out meeting with a client alongside the rest of the audit team to conclude all the findings that she’d discovered whilst out on the audit. Georgina tells us more…

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Introducing Sam

Hi everyone, I’m a new member of the Spilling the Beans Team, and I’ve been with Grant Thornton since August 2014. I joined the Audit department in the Milton Keynes office as a School Leaver, and I’ll be looking to chat with anyone that is considering accountancy straight out of sixth form, on what is involved in being an accountant, and what’s different about joining earlier on in your career. As the youngest member on the team this year, I still have very fresh memories of what life was like at school, so if you do have any questions, please get in touch and I’ll be happy to talk to you if you see the transition as being potentially daunting, or if you’re keen to get started.

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