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Accelerate-ing Through the Ranks

When Rhys asked me to write a guest blog for Spilling the Beans, I was really excited, my follow up question was ‘how long does it have to be’, when he replied I was slightly concerned I wouldn’t meet the quota. However, once I began thinking through my 7 years at Grant Thornton I started to think that actually I may not be able to fit it all in…

I’m Mel and I joined Grant Thornton in September 2006 as an Audit Accelerate Trainee. I joined straight after my A-levels and made the most of my last summer before full time employment with a girls holiday to Malia – which was rather messy so I won’t go into details! After 4 years I was a fully qualified chartered accountant, which I have to admit I was really proud to achieve at the age of 22. Following another 2 years working (exceptionally hard) in audit I was promoted to Assistant Manager. Then after a challenging year in this role I was promoted to Audit Manager in October this year!

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Molly’s Accelerate Diary – October 2013

October has been a month that has seen me really start to pick up the pace of revision. With my first two ACCA exams taking place on the 3 and 9 December this might sound like a lifetime away, but what with working full time and trying to squeeze in a little bit of a social life, the revision has to start now. This has caused me to feel somewhat like a working, revising robot so, at the end of a hard days revision, for which I had taken a day’s holiday,  I treated myself to…

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#WWYAB – Developing a Specialism

During the #WWYAB series, ‘Developing a specialism’ hit home with me more than the other pieces of advice. This is because I have recently been thinking about my own future that little bit more, especially after turning the big two-one earlier this month.

I am currently half-way through the ACCA qualification, having completed seven out of 14 exams, and after the next sitting, will be part-qualified (fingers crossed!). This has made me increasingly think about what I want to do when I ‘grow up’ and finally become a qualified accountant. So far, I have only thought about the short term – completing the qualification. I think many people, as well as myself are guilty of jumping over the next hurdle but not thinking about the finishing line. Read this post

Molly’s Accelerate Diary – September 2013

If you follow me on Twitter you’ll see that this month has been a good one, beginning with a trip out to what was my first ever audit client, this time bringing a long our new school leaver. It was great fun having a new member on the team, and I was feeling somewhat nostalgic as I taught him the ways of the bank section – my first ever task out on audit!

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Molly’s Accelerate Diary – August 2013

This month has been a really great one. It’s been hot, there have been barbeques, birthdays, bank holidays (although sadly the last one of the year until Christmas Day – scary!). The month began with me receiving my final AAT result and I am now over the moon to tell you that I am AAT qualified leaving me ready to take my next big step into the world of ACCA. Read this post

The Perks of being a School Leaver

The recent release of this year’s A Level results caught my attention when I heard that a record 401,000 applicants had been accepted for undergraduate courses within 24 hours of receiving their results, that’s 9% higher than last year.

When fees were trebled to £9,000 in 2012 many expected that more students would opt instead for higher level apprenticeships, which provide workplace experience and a professional qualification.  I was surprised then to discover that recent findings by the AAT showed that 81% of parents are unaware that a higher apprenticeship is an university-level qualification. Read this post

Molly’s Accelerate Diary – July 2013

As an Accelerate trainee, I am set to endure 5 years of training and exams, with the exams only getting harder, meaning that the preparation only gets tougher. With this in mind I have really relished having a whole month exam and revision free, while I await my final AAT exam result with the hope that by the end of the summer I will be AAT qualified and ready to step full of energy and enthusiasm into the next stage of my journey at Grant Thornton – studying to become a chartered accountant with the ACCA. Read this post

Molly’s Accelerate Diary – June 2013

This month saw me complete what was hopefully my final AAT exam – Financial Statements. With the Business Tax results not yet released, I now find myself desperately logging onto the AAT website in the hope that I will see the highly anticipated ‘competent’ result for my final two exams, which will bring the total up to 13 exam passes!

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Molly’s Accelerate Diary – May 2013

First thing’s first, I got my Personal Tax results and passed! With this big weight off my mind I headed off for a week in Ibiza to relax and not be tempted to look at my emails.

On my return to the office for the first time in a month, I got stuck into some audit planning work. An audit consists of planning, fieldwork and concluding stages. When you begin life as an audit trainee at Grant Thornton you are thrown straight into the middle part, the fieldwork.

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