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Location Blog Special – London Finsbury Square

Hi, I’m Priya and an Assistant Tax Manager in the London Finsbury Square office. I joined Grant Thornton at the start of 2012 having previously completed my ACA training contract at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP in 2007. More recently, I have worked in the tax team for a market leader in the leisure and entertainment industry. I am currently studying for my CTA exams with Kaplan to complement my ACA qualification and enhance my understanding of the various technical tax issues relevant to my clients.

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Secondment to the Outback

As many trainees at Grant Thornton approach their third year with the firm, our exams are nearly over and that elusive qualification creeps even closer. With so many options available to newly qualified trainees at Grant Thornton, good planning can give a plenty of trainees an insight into the international network and potential prospects of working all over the world.

As an audit executive in from our Cambridge office, I was in this situation in late 2010 when I became aware of a three-month secondment opportunity in Sydney, Australia.

Having qualified with an ACA, I wanted to further my career but also found myself with the desire to travel. This secondment presented me with the opportunity to do both. I travelled to the Sydney office to work in the Australia member firm’s audit team over their busy season where I worked alongside six other secondees from the UK, USA and France.

The hours were long but there was plenty going on within the firm from a social point of view, so we definitely experienced all that the great city had to offer. Both the Rugby World Cup sweepstake (taken incredibly seriously) and month-end drinks were particular highlights.

Following my time in Sydney, I was given a further three-month sabbatical during which I travelled across south-east Asia to finish off my secondment in style!

Having had this experience, I can’t recommend the secondment programme highly enough. As trainees in the firm, you are able to learn how to apply and link to a listing of global opportunities on the intranet. Alternatively, you can raise your interest to work abroad and our dedicated team in London will find a bespoke role fitting to your desires.

Open Door Policy

Hi, I’m Lucy and I’ve recently qualified with CTA from the Liverpool office where I work in the tax department.

As part of qualifying with CTA, all newly qualified trainees get the chance to have a day in London where the national leadership board fling the doors open and we get to see the various opportunities which are available to us now we’ve passed our exams.

I managed to get talking to Ian Smart, a member of our national leadership board and London Office Managing Partner (OMP). This was ideal, because I was really interested in his role and our London services. A few days later I bit the bullet and email Ian to see if he could put up with me for a few days…. I wanted to work shadow him!

Ian was really receptive and enthusiastic and thought it was a great idea and agreed with no reservation. So we set the wheels in motion, agreed an appropriate time scale for us both and before I knew it I was at the doors of the London Finsbury Square office ready for my first day of work shadowing.

Of course I was a little nervous, but Ian showed a great interest from the beginning which set my mind at ease. Ian helped me to feel like an equal and show how my development was really important.

Throughout the week I got to take part in some really interesting meetings and got an incomparable insight into the senior levels of our firm. I couldn’t believe what I was able to be involved in; me a newly qualified tax adviser from Liverpool in a London office management meeting! Who would have thought it!?

It truly was an amazing learning experience and also a great opportunity to meet lots of new people in varying positions within the firm, all of whom went out of their way to answer any questions I had and help me meet my objectives.

Having been with other firms I honestly believe this kind of ‘open door’ policy within a professional practice is so rare and its something I am really excited about.

Grant Thornton truly is a place that encourages a curious mind to flourish. The level of transparency across the board contributes to a great learning and working environment giving us all the vital ingredients to help us grow in our careers. All we need to do is ask!