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Public Sector Audit Internship: My First Week

From what I thought and who I met, to what I did and where I went, this blog gives a pretty comprehensive account of my first week as a public sector audit (PSA) intern at the London Euston office. Although your experience won’t be the same, I hope this gives those soon to join Grant Thornton a flavour of what is to come in your first week.

Holly, Public Sector Audit Intern

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Six tips from six interns

The Euston interns at the Confidence in Presenting conference in the Birmingham office!

As us Audit interns in Euston started our internship three weeks before those in other offices we thought we would each give a quick insight into what we’ve learnt so far and helpful tips for those who have just started the program or for those thinking of applying in the future.

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How to Apply…

So you’ve decided to apply to one of GT’s trainee programmes and you’re asking yourself what’s the application form like, will it take me ages? The good news is we’ve shortened our application form considerably; it really won’t take you long.

Once you’ve found the right area for you (Audit, Tax, Advisory … graduate, intern, placement or work experience) then you’re ready to get started. The first thing you’ll do is create a profile. It’s quite straight forward, but there’s a few things you’ll need to know. These tips will massively help you navigate the application form.

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Part 1: The Perfect Application



So you’re considering applying to Grant Thornton for a summer internship? You’re drowning under a pile of applications and are about to join a shoal of other applicants in the Grant Thornton pool. But will you make the sift or get caught in the net? Metaphors aside, how do you create an impressive application? Summarising yourself and all you have to offer in online tests and word-limited prose is a daunting task. So, read on potential applicants, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Read this post

Tax over Law – My story



If you’d asked me what I wanted to be when I sent off my UCAS application to do law, I would have told you I was going to be a Barrister. The topic interested me, the subject had a good employment rate after university and the earnings potential meant I could earn a decent wage, so it seemed like the perfect plan. In my first week of university the careers adviser at my law school asked everyone to put up their hand who wanted to become a solicitor or barrister. As expected nearly everyone did and he said half of us would change our minds by the time we left. At the time, I did not realise just how right he was!

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My experience so far…

Hi, I’m Hien, an audit intern in Milton Keynes office. My journey leading to this internship at Grant Thornton is a little different from many others, as I have graduated from University and am now looking forward to my postgraduate programme next year. The reason for the continued study is that I am unsure whether I’m one hundred percent ready to commit myself to a full-time job. Besides, I’m also uncertain about my passion for a particular career.

I’ve embarked on my audit internship at Grant Thornton looking for a great combination of a fascinating career and the right firm to work for. So far, my experience here at Grant Thornton has exceeded my expectations.

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Something amazing this way comes…

Last Monday was that exciting time of year where we opened our doors to our fabulous Summer Interns! Before dispersing across the UK, and across all of our different service lines, they attended a central induction – to explain a bit more about the firm, and to prepare them for all we have in store for them over the coming weeks.

Something we have decided to do this year during the internship, is to give the interns control of the firm’s social media channels – so this site, our Facebook page and Twitter and Instagram accounts, for the time that they are here. It’s an approach to social media which reflects how much we trust and value our people as a firm – whether they have been here for one day, or forty years.

We also felt that it would be most useful for people looking to apply to the firm to have the freshest perspective on the job market, the application process, and what it’s like to be an Intern – and who better to give you that than the people who joined us less than a week ago!

The normal Spilling the Beans team members will stay working for the site in the background – answering any queries which aren’t specifically for the Interns. But, everything else on the site will be generated by our Summer Interns!

So, it is with HUGE excitement (and a little sadness as we’ll miss the site so much), that we handover to the new Spilling the Beans team: Maria, Craig, Adam, Sophie and Hannah. We can’t wait to see what you have in store for us!

Alex’s Final Corporate Finance Diary

With only a month until I leave, in this final blog I will be reflecting back on my year at Grant Thornton, and what some of the highlights have been. In the last few weeks I have been mentoring a student from the Peter Jones Academy, as well as helping a new joiner get settled. Both of these jobs have reinforced the phenomenal amount I have learnt this year, most of it without even realising it. The credit for that has to lie with the team that have always gone out of their way to install a fundamental understanding of the work I have been doing, as well as the unique way Grant Thornton encourages development in its employees. Read this post

Alex’s Corporate Finance diary – Part 4

I am writing this new instalment of my diary blog from completely new surroundings… well, maybe not completely new but my team has moved floors.  This is so we sit next to other parts of the broader advisory team (Recovery and Reorganisation, Transaction Advisory Services etc.) as part of Grant Thornton’s drive to deliver a suite of complementary services to our clients and foster closer ties between the different teams.  This has been an excellent opportunity for me to expand my network (rule one of Corporate Finance), and also put me in a better position to advise my clients on the services the firm can offer. Read this post

The Summer Internship – More than just six weeks…

The summer of 2012 will remain memorable for me for many reasons: the triumphant Olympics, volunteering at the Paralympics and my Grant Thornton summer internship. Nearly two years later, it is not the events of the Olympics themselves that are often splashed across the pages of newspapers but whether they have made a difference – the Olympic legacy. This idea of a legacy made me think about my own internship – how have I utilised the legacy of my internship? What have been the benefits of joining the firm part way through university? Read this post