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How to Apply…

So you’ve decided to apply to one of GT’s trainee programmes and you’re asking yourself what’s the application form like, will it take me ages? The good news is we’ve shortened our application form considerably; it really won’t take you long.

Once you’ve found the right area for you (Audit, Tax, Advisory … graduate, intern, placement or work experience) then you’re ready to get started. The first thing you’ll do is create a profile. It’s quite straight forward, but there’s a few things you’ll need to know. These tips will massively help you navigate the application form.

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Head to Head #1 – Graduate vs. School Leaver

The first of our new mini series of Head to Head blogs comes from Meg and Molly on their experience of being Graduates and School Leavers…

Why uni?

Megan: From around the age of eight, I knew I wanted to attend university when I was older. As an only child I was always independent and determined to forge my own path in life, and therefore when it came to the period at the end of upper-sixth the decision was easy. I couldn’t imagine doing what Molly, and many other school leavers have done. For me, I really needed my time at university to mature, grow in confidence and to help focus my future direction.

Why not uni?

Molly: From as young as I can remember, and certainly throughout my first year at college, I was always 100% certain that I would go to university. My school grades had always been quite good and university was what my college and everyone around me geared me towards so I’d never even considered doing anything else. It wasn’t that I was desperate to go and live the uni life – I already had a great set of friends around me and consider myself a bit of a home girl – rather, I thought it was the only way I would get a great job. It was only at the last minute, having already been accepted into two universities, that I even heard about Grant Thornton and my eyes were opened to what else was out there. Read this post

Advice costs nothing

“Advice costs nothing”, or if you prefer Groucho Marx, “learn from the mistakes of others. you can never live long enough to make them all yourself”. In this spirit the Spilling The Beans takeover team have asked all our fellow interns to offer their advice based on their experiences this summer with Grant Thornton, so here is a brief digest of the massive response we received.

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Part 1: The Perfect Application



So you’re considering applying to Grant Thornton for a summer internship? You’re drowning under a pile of applications and are about to join a shoal of other applicants in the Grant Thornton pool. But will you make the sift or get caught in the net? Metaphors aside, how do you create an impressive application? Summarising yourself and all you have to offer in online tests and word-limited prose is a daunting task. So, read on potential applicants, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Read this post

Summer In Manchester

Like most students, around the summer of first year I started to think about internships and what I wanted to do after graduating. After a lot of finance experience and hearing presentations at uni about professional service firms, I decided that I wanted to try audit. Like most of us, I looked for internships around where I live or where I’m at university, however, I quickly realised that being from Newcastle and studying at Durham University was going to be a problem. There are very few internships in the north east. This meant that if I wanted to do an internship I was going to have to choose somewhere new – and I chose Manchester. Read this post

There’s no place like home.

Wow where has the time gone, I can’t believe I am about to enter my final week as an assurance intern in the Glasgow office. I have had an amazing time while at Grant Thornton, I have learned an incredible amount while attending client sites, I have met and worked with some amazing people, and had a great time at the firm’s training facility in Bradenham working on presentation skills.

However for my blog rather than telling everyone
about my experience I thought it would be more appropriate as it is nearing the
end of everyone’s internship,
and with that the intern takeover, to do a Q&A with two graduates nearing
the end of their first year with the firm – Steven Gill and Claire McGregor –
who completed an internship in 2012,  to hear about their
experience going from an intern to working as an associate. Read this post

Bradenham – Staying in the Manor

Wow! I can’t believe it is Bradenham already! Time has passed so quickly since the first day, and even further back to the assessment day- it’s scary that I am over halfway through my internship.

Bradenham, the place everyone at Grant Thornton talks about. Before even joining  I had already heard stories about practically every aspect of it. I don’t know what I was expecting to be honest,  after hearing lots of stories from other people in the office, I guess I was just excited to finally get there, meet the other interns and experience it for myself. Read this post