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Alex’s Corporate Finance Blog – Part 2

In my previous blog I gave you a brief background to our Corporate Finance team, as well as touching on some of my experiences within Lead Advisory and Public Company Advisory.  As recruitment season is well and truly upon us, I will share some of my experiences hunting for a placement, what I think made me successful and how I have been making the most of the opportunity.

The first point worth mentioning is that your university will probably be pushing for you to apply to as many placements as possible. Whilst this scatter gun approach has some benefits, I would offer a word of caution. In my experience there is often an inverse relationship between quantity and quality of applications.  Applying for fifty placements sounds impressive… Read this post

Being an in-charge at Grant Thornton

“The price of greatness is responsibility” – Winston Churchill

Having now been at Grant Thornton for over a year and a half, one of my objectives this year was to in-charge a small audit before Christmas. So a few weeks ago I had my first in-charge job – objective…Tick!

So OK, being an in-charge is not quite on Winston Churchill’s levels of ‘responsibility’… Read this post

#WWYAB – Seizing Opportunities

One of the most important things for me of working at a large firm such as Grant Thornton is the opportunities that are presented to you. From my induction at Talent 12, I remember our CEO, Scott Barnes, telling us that we are all responsible for shaping our own future. I feel the way each of us can best do this is to work extremely hard along the way and continue to look to challenge ourselves.

My advice for all trainees is…

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My Story so Far… Life as a January Intake

When I was applying to Grant Thornton, back in September 2010, the January entry route was never my first option. Just like many other final year students, I would have liked to secure a job and start in September straight after graduation.

When it came to accepting my offer, Grant Thornton advised me that there is an option to start in January if I wished. After some consideration, I took up that offer and I have never regretted not starting in September with the rest of the graduates and school leavers…

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#WWYAB – Be Persistent and Don’t Rush

The week I joined Grant Thornton I travelled down to Windsor to attend ‘Talent 12.5’, a mini version of the ‘Talent’ induction event that is held for new trainees when they join. This event was held alongside the ‘Unleashing Your Potential’ event mentioned in Nick’s introduction.

The ‘top tip’ that most resonated with me was ‘Be Persistent and Don’t Rush’. This advice has been particularly apt for me as I have had to be patient and persistent in searching for the right career path, something I found after joining Grant Thornton back in January.

I graduated (way back) in 2009 from University of Birmingham and left University not certain of what my next step was. What I did know was that I wanted to start earning some money and wanted to go into a graduate role with an opportunity to develop a career. However… Read this post

Jonathan’s Public Sector Diary – Q3 2013

Hello and welcome to the next instalment of my Public Sector Diary, and my first as a fully-fledged member of the Spilling the Beans team! A common perception can be that a lot of businesses slow down over the summer months, but this is not the case in Public Sector Audit. To say the past few months have been busy would be an understatement as the final accounts audits of our Local Government clients have been in full swing. Read this post

My Journey from Intern to Employee

Hi, I’m Toby

I loved university, my three years at the University of East Anglia were some of the best of my life. The friends I met and the memories I have will last a lifetime. Summer days sitting in the square or down by the lake, Saturday nights in the Student Union, spending time with mates and even lectures are remembered with fondness.

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Lucy’s Application Tips

It’s now over three years since I applied for my summer internship position at Grant Thornton however the challenge of completing various application forms for different firms is still fresh in my mind. These forms can be a bit of a nightmare at times so with this in mind I thought I would give you some of my top tips. Bear in mind though that these are only my opinions and not a guaranteed way to get a job at Grant Thornton!

My first piece of advice and probably the most important is to apply early. Grant Thornton’s applications have already been open for a month and candidates are already progressing through the application process. Roles will start to be filled making it less likely that you will get an opportunity to interview. What’s more, after Christmas you are likely to be focussed entirely on university or A-level exams and job applications are the last thing you want to be thinking about!

Secondly, I would recommend tailoring your responses to each firm you apply to. Whatever you do, don’t just copy and paste! Each firm tends to have a set of competencies which reflect their values. You need to think carefully about how they apply to you. Grant Thornton’s competencies are adaptability, initiative, ownership, building business relationships, business insight, results driven, influencing, critical thinking, motivation. Sometimes it can be difficult to think how these apply to you so I preferred to write a list of things that I had done and then consider which competencies these things demonstrated. For example, giving tours of my department at university could have been an example of building business relationships and influencing skills. Or my year abroad might have demonstrated adaptability and motivation.

Another tip would be to print your form out and read it through. Don’t make spelling and grammar mistakes – it looks like you haven’t put any care into the form. I would recommend getting a friend or parent to read through it too. It can be difficult to spot mistakes when you’ve spent a long time working on something.

I could carry on writing application tips for pages and pages but this brings me to my final point; be concise! Even though there are no word limits on the questions this isn’t an open invitation to write your life story. Thousands of applications are received each year so you need to make sure you get to the point and don’t waffle.

Good luck with your application and, as always, feel free to ask us questions on the forum, Twitter or Facebook.

Joining Grant Thornton – before and after

I joined Grant Thornton last Tuesday as a graduate trainee in the Actuarial department, based in our London Finsbury Square office. Last week was a busy week with a local orientation in my department followed by Talent12. However, my journey with Grant Thornton began long before Talent12.

Back in October 2010 I attended a careers fair at Manchester University, where I was studying Maths. After endlessly traipsing around careers fairs, a familiar feeling for soon-to-be graduates, I reflected upon the companies that I had met and for me, Grant Thornton stood head and shoulders above the rest. The people I met seemed so enthusiastic and excited about their job, and that’s exactly how I wanted to feel when talking about my own job in the future. I decided Grant Thornton was the perfect firm for me, if only they would have me!

I managed to secure myself a place on the summer internship programme in 2011 and subsequently a graduate role. I felt so lucky to have a graduate job already secured for after my final year of university. Having this weight off my shoulders I decided to take on the campus ambassador role. This involved promoting campus events around the University of Manchester (incidentally, putting posters up around the whole university was probably the most exercise I’d done all year) as well as organising a Christmas careers evening, which was basically an excuse for us all to get in the festive mood with an abundant supply of mulled wine and mince pies!

So after a fantastic final year of university, and an exciting summer spent living well beyond my means (trying to make the most of my last ever three month long summer break), here I am, just over a week into my career with Grant Thornton.

The last week or so has been a whirlwind of meeting new people, taking office inductions and trying to get used to waking up at 6.30am every morning, a time of day I haven’t seen in an extremely long time. But what has stood out the most was the Talent12 national induction. Around 230 new starters at Grant Thornton descended upon London for the two day event, which involved giving us trainees a clear understanding of the firm’s brand promise and the direction the firm is heading. There were inspiring talks from members of the firm’s National Leadership Board and workshops to help us understand our part to play in the firm’s strategy. Having said this, Talent12 certainly wasn’t all work. In the evening, we got on board a huge boat and cruised along the River Thames, sipping champagne, enjoying a delicious three course meal and making use of the free bar and time to meet other new starters from different offices and departments. The key thing that I took away from Talent12 is a strong understanding of the brand promise. What struck me most was how much the firm must value its employees, considering the amount of time, effort and money that must have gone into organising such a brilliant event. I will certainly look back on those two days with fond memories.

And what’s next? In the coming months I am looking forward to learning more about my new job as an Actuarial Analyst and continuing my involvement with the Manchester alumni team. The role of the Manchester campus ambassador has been passed on to an intern from this summer’s intake, but I will continue to be involved in the organising, promoting and attendance of careers events at the university. I am excited at the prospect of meeting bright new talent and encouraging them to join the firm as I believe this will be a major driving force if Grant Thornton is to continue to grow and flourish.

So, although I have only just begun my career here at Grant Thornton, I feel that my part to play within the firm began long before, and has already presented me with a fantastic array of opportunities and unique experiences. I already feel as though I belong here.

National Trainee Induction – Talent12

View from the Thames river cruise

View from the Thames river cruise

Last week Grant Thornton hosted their national trainee induction for the 2012 intake – Talent12 – at the Tower Hotel in London. One of our current first year trainees, Rajiv had the opportunity to act as a facilitator at the event. In his blog he tells us about his experiences and what you can expect when you join Grant Thornton as a trainee.

Hi, I’m Rajiv and I work in the Entrepreneur & Private Client tax department in London. After only a year at Grant Thornton as a graduate, I was asked to be a facilitator on the Grant Thornton national induction, ‘Talent12’.

The event consisted of inspirational talks from members of the National Leadership Board, break out sessions for the trainees to further their understanding of the business, a Thames river cruise in the evening for the trainees to put their networking skills to the test and also an opportunity to present back to their facilitators on what they learnt from the event.

At first I was a little nervous about being thrown into the deep end after only a year, however I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed facilitating a small class. This was made possible by the enthusiasm the trainees showed towards learning as much as possible about the business in a limited time. Within minutes the class was at ease after a short ice breaking event and as a unit everyone gelled together well. I was also very impressed by the quality and standard of presentations delivered by the new joiners in such a short space of time. The event was also beneficial for me as it was a great opportunity to enhance my leadership, communication and networking skills.

Talent 12 was a fantastic experience and an event which I will most certainly be back facilitating on again in the years to come.