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#WWYAB – Be Persistent and Don’t Rush

The week I joined Grant Thornton I travelled down to Windsor to attend ‘Talent 12.5’, a mini version of the ‘Talent’ induction event that is held for new trainees when they join. This event was held alongside the ‘Unleashing Your Potential’ event mentioned in Nick’s introduction.

The ‘top tip’ that most resonated with me was ‘Be Persistent and Don’t Rush’. This advice has been particularly apt for me as I have had to be patient and persistent in searching for the right career path, something I found after joining Grant Thornton back in January.

I graduated (way back) in 2009 from University of Birmingham and left University not certain of what my next step was. What I did know was that I wanted to start earning some money and wanted to go into a graduate role with an opportunity to develop a career. However… Read this post