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#WWYAB – Seizing Opportunities

One of the most important things for me of working at a large firm such as Grant Thornton is the opportunities that are presented to you. From my induction at Talent 12, I remember our CEO, Scott Barnes, telling us that we are all responsible for shaping our own future. I feel the way each of us can best do this is to work extremely hard along the way and continue to look to challenge ourselves.

My advice for all trainees is…

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Grant Thornton National Golf Finals 2013

Before I embark on telling you about how I spent my working day on Monday 30 September 2013 I must issue a caveat.  Working at Grant Thornton is hard work.  The work is challenging, we work to tight deadlines and on more than one occasion I’ve had the cleaners for company of an evening as I get a job finished.  If you are looking for a jolly and an easy ride then look elsewhere.  Having said that, there are some perks – I spent my time that Monday at Celtic Manor…

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The Big Question

As the title race is now all but over and England’s cricketers have finished their winter tours, the countdown to the first golfing major of the year, The Masters, has begun. One topic has been the source of most of the debate in our house: Rory McIlroy, and his change of clubs. For those who aren’t into their sport, the world’s (now former) number one golfer has dispensed with the Titleist clubs that have been in his bag throughout his rise to the top and signed a very lucrative contract with sporting giant Nike, with mixed results. During the discussion a word very popular in forum questions kept coming up: Money!

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