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The School Leaver Series 2016 – Jenny


Over the course of this week, we will be sharing a number of blogs from a few of our school leavers from across the firm. In these blogs, we will be sharing some of the great experiences we’ve had since working at Grant Thornton, whilst at the same time, talking about the key themes that come with joining as a school leaver, as opposed to being a graduate. We hope you find these useful!

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Settling into London Life…

Hi, I’m Sapna and I have lived in London for over three years now, but working in the financial services industry in London is very different to the university life I once had here. It has been just over two months since I started working in the London Finsbury Square office as an associate in the financial services tax team. The first couple of months seem to have gone so quickly from full working days to social events in the evenings, and now the joys of revision for my ACA exams. Read this post

My Story so Far… Life as a January Intake

When I was applying to Grant Thornton, back in September 2010, the January entry route was never my first option. Just like many other final year students, I would have liked to secure a job and start in September straight after graduation.

When it came to accepting my offer, Grant Thornton advised me that there is an option to start in January if I wished. After some consideration, I took up that offer and I have never regretted not starting in September with the rest of the graduates and school leavers…

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Public Sector Audit – It’s not just accounts

When I talk to people and tell them that I am training to become a public sector auditor most people look at me with a blank face, whilst some people run away and hide at the mere mention of the word audit. For those who are still around for me to explain further, the first thing I always mention is financial statements as I imagine this is what most people would associate with audit. It is true that we do spend a good half of the year conducting financial statement audits (of local authorities, NHS Trusts, Ambulance Trusts, Fire and Police authorities to mention a few), however this still leaves half of the year where we are getting up to other things. Read this post

Izzy’s Bradenham Experience

Hi, I’m Izzy and a current intern in the property tax department. I had such a good time at Bradenham (Grant Thornton’s national training centre) that I want to share my experience with you.

As we pulled up to Bradenham Manor in the beautiful Buckinghamshire countryside I was so excited! A big part of becoming a trainee at Grant Thornton is spending time developing your learning at Bradenham Manor, and so as an intern I was beaming when I found out we would be spending two nights there. Read this post

Nick’s Diary – March 2013

Ever since I received my exam timetable this January, I’ve been concerned that March would be a draining month. As a trainee studying CTA, the firm sets internal progress ‘link’ exams in order to allow us to practice exam technique and keep on top of the books. These are usually set a month or so apart. In March, I had four.

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