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The PSA Series: Applicant to intern to graduate


I’m Helen and I joined the Public Sector Audit (PSA) Manchester team on the graduate programme in July 2015, having completed a three month internship the summer before. I guess if you’re on this blog you’re trying to find out more about public sector audit, and whether it’s for you? Hopefully this blog will give you a better idea of what life is like in PSA. Here’s a photo of me and my college mates enjoying an away dinner,

The application stage

The first thing – and probably the most nerve wracking – is applying! But as strange as it sounds, I really enjoyed my application process with Grant Thornton. On the day of my assessment centre I nervously arrived at the Liverpool office, expecting a grilling but I was instantly made to feel so welcome. The day kicked off with the group activity and then the individual interviews. We also had the opportunity to meet with current associates and ask questions about life a trainee. This was my first time speaking to an Associate and  it was interesting to get a first-hand perspective on what to expect. Once my nerves were put to one side I really enjoyed the day and found it quite interesting.

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Budget 2016 – The Northern Powerhouse

Now we have had a bit of time to digest the Budget 2016 we have a series of blogs that covers some of our thoughts from the day. First we have Sophie, an associate in audit from the Sheffield office.

Northern Powerhouse

What is the Northern Powerhouse? What does it mean for our local region? And exactly how committed are the government to this economic regeneration project?

George Osborne has outlined 3 steps he deems necessary improvements in order to set the Northern Powerhouse ball rolling; logistics, science and innovation – and all to be necessarily overseen by the powerful and collaborative business leaders from the local region. It would seem that perhaps what it ultimately boils down to is the ability of our local businesses and regions to compete and win more opportunities and thus redistribute wealth and jobs away from the nucleus of London. From a local perspective, Tinsley Bridge MD, Mark Webber, is dubious about the release of the Budget. He feels there is an’ uncertainty’ which ‘is not good for business’ – so much so that the highlights it as ‘our biggest barrier to growth’. He, along with many other business people, wants to see long-term investment supported by consistent support and incentives and an all-round clearer legislative framework.

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#Six Nations Series: Scotland. Working in the Glasgow office (insights from a football fan)

Six Nations

Why did you choose the Glasgow office?

Rather uninterestingly the main reason is that I live in Glasgow and I also went to the University of Glasgow. Initially I thought that’s what it boils down to for most people but when I think about my colleagues that’s not always the case. Someone who started as a graduate with me comes from Nottingham and just wanted a change, so there are all sorts of reasons you might choose Glasgow. A lot of it, I reckon, is down to the city itself being an exciting place to live with a vibrant atmosphere, rich history and plenty to do. Our office is right at the heart of it on Queen Street at the corner of George Square. Overall our office is made up of people from all over the UK (our managing partner is from Manchester); as well as secondees from as far afield as Texas. So on second thought, I guess there is a big draw to working in the Glasgow office.

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Chris’ January Audit Diary

So, January is done and dusted. The month started with some home revision days for my last two ACA e-assessments, then at the end of the first week we had the audit team’s January training for the Yorkshire office, consisting of the Leeds and Sheffield offices. Whilst the training was really good, it was also great to have all the new starters in the same place at the same time: this doesn’t happen often when you’re in audit, so it is something to be savoured when it does, and was great to see everyone face to face.

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I’ve Joined! Joining Grant Thornton… The Unconventional Way



Our latest guest blog comes from Jenny – a new starter in Public Sector Assurance based in the Liverpool Office.

So, university seemed the be all and end all to me – the one thing that differentiated the exceptional from the good, and the deal maker when it came to securing that all important first ‘proper’ job. With a firm nudge from school, I headed off to a reputable red brick university to study a bachelor of science in Accounting and Finance… Read this post

Pitching as an Associate…the new normal in PSA


When you apply for a trainee position in a professional services firm, you always get asked this one question: “What do you think you will be doing on a day-to-day basis?”

As an Associate in Public Sector Assurance you will be heavily involved in audit testing for our existing clients. But more crucially, you will also see more of the other side – winning new work!

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An audit in America

Last week I was auditing a distributor of coal monitoring equipment in Pennsylvania and this week I am auditing a charity in Sheffield. I think this reflects the variety of trainee life at Grant Thornton.

I have to be honest that not every trainee has the opportunity to travel to America! However, within the Sheffield office alone our trainees have been to Sweden, Holland, Russia and islands off the coast of South Africa! It doesn’t always require a secondment to travel abroad as sometimes our clients are operating globally and require us to visit branches or subsidiaries of their UK companies abroad. Read this post