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Part 1: The Perfect Application



So you’re considering applying to Grant Thornton for a summer internship? You’re drowning under a pile of applications and are about to join a shoal of other applicants in the Grant Thornton pool. But will you make the sift or get caught in the net? Metaphors aside, how do you create an impressive application? Summarising yourself and all you have to offer in online tests and word-limited prose is a daunting task. So, read on potential applicants, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Read this post

Spilling the Beans – Christmas Message

With the December exam season drawn to a close, everyone on the Spilling the Beans team is able to look forward to Christmas festivities. The hard work and sacrifices made during revision can be forgotten (albeit briefly) as Christmas parties, eating Quality Street and enjoying the festive period with family and friends take centre stage.

We hope you have enjoyed our blogs this year and we are looking forward to providing you with further insight into the life of trainees at Grant Thornton in the New Year.

To celebrate all of the above, our Megan has written a Christmas poem from us to you; Read this post

#WWYAB – Set goals and plan

I’m sat in Cardiff train station on my way to Barry Island this morning (I know what you’re thinking but the client isn’t Gavin or Stacey!) Anyway, the reason I’m sitting here is because I have just missed the train that gets me there in enough time to get a coffee before I meet my clients, perhaps if I had taken my own piece of advice last night to set goals and plan  then I might have been sitting with my morning cappuccino as I type.

Applying for the start of your career is always a really difficult process, but I found that mine was made a lot easier as soon as I started to do those two things: set goals and plan. Read this post

Lucy’s Application Tips

It’s now over three years since I applied for my summer internship position at Grant Thornton however the challenge of completing various application forms for different firms is still fresh in my mind. These forms can be a bit of a nightmare at times so with this in mind I thought I would give you some of my top tips. Bear in mind though that these are only my opinions and not a guaranteed way to get a job at Grant Thornton!

My first piece of advice and probably the most important is to apply early. Grant Thornton’s applications have already been open for a month and candidates are already progressing through the application process. Roles will start to be filled making it less likely that you will get an opportunity to interview. What’s more, after Christmas you are likely to be focussed entirely on university or A-level exams and job applications are the last thing you want to be thinking about!

Secondly, I would recommend tailoring your responses to each firm you apply to. Whatever you do, don’t just copy and paste! Each firm tends to have a set of competencies which reflect their values. You need to think carefully about how they apply to you. Grant Thornton’s competencies are adaptability, initiative, ownership, building business relationships, business insight, results driven, influencing, critical thinking, motivation. Sometimes it can be difficult to think how these apply to you so I preferred to write a list of things that I had done and then consider which competencies these things demonstrated. For example, giving tours of my department at university could have been an example of building business relationships and influencing skills. Or my year abroad might have demonstrated adaptability and motivation.

Another tip would be to print your form out and read it through. Don’t make spelling and grammar mistakes – it looks like you haven’t put any care into the form. I would recommend getting a friend or parent to read through it too. It can be difficult to spot mistakes when you’ve spent a long time working on something.

I could carry on writing application tips for pages and pages but this brings me to my final point; be concise! Even though there are no word limits on the questions this isn’t an open invitation to write your life story. Thousands of applications are received each year so you need to make sure you get to the point and don’t waffle.

Good luck with your application and, as always, feel free to ask us questions on the forum, Twitter or Facebook.

The Big Four – the obvious choice?

When I first decided that I wanted to work within professional services, I trawled the internet for all the national firms which offered the opportunity to start on a pre-determined graduate support role with a training contract. Having worked in a small firm of accountants in my hometown during my placement year from University, it had become clear to me that I wanted to work for a large, national firm, with international scope. The next step was deciding which one I wanted to work for.

Read this post