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Chris’ January Audit Diary

So, January is done and dusted. The month started with some home revision days for my last two ACA e-assessments, then at the end of the first week we had the audit team’s January training for the Yorkshire office, consisting of the Leeds and Sheffield offices. Whilst the training was really good, it was also great to have all the new starters in the same place at the same time: this doesn’t happen often when you’re in audit, so it is something to be savoured when it does, and was great to see everyone face to face.

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New Year, New…Job?


What’s your New Year’s Resolution? Go to the gym? Visit a new country? Apply to Grant Thornton? Whatever it is you’re looking to do, don’t do it before checking out our blogs this week as part of our New Year’s Resolution Series, where a few members of the team will be sharing their experiences from their past year, and what they’re looking forward to in the next. First up is Izzy from our Finsbury Square office to talk about her experiences in 2015. Over to you…! Read this post

A year in the life of…an industrial placement student

Today’s guest blog comes from Ben, an industrial placement student from our Southampton office.

This time last year I had begun the daunting task of applying for industrial placements. As an Accounting and Finance student I was already aligned for the professional services firm, but why and how did I manage to secure a place at Grant Thornton? Read this post

Advice costs nothing

“Advice costs nothing”, or if you prefer Groucho Marx, “learn from the mistakes of others. you can never live long enough to make them all yourself”. In this spirit the Spilling The Beans takeover team have asked all our fellow interns to offer their advice based on their experiences this summer with Grant Thornton, so here is a brief digest of the massive response we received.

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There’s no place like home.

Wow where has the time gone, I can’t believe I am about to enter my final week as an assurance intern in the Glasgow office. I have had an amazing time while at Grant Thornton, I have learned an incredible amount while attending client sites, I have met and worked with some amazing people, and had a great time at the firm’s training facility in Bradenham working on presentation skills.

However for my blog rather than telling everyone
about my experience I thought it would be more appropriate as it is nearing the
end of everyone’s internship,
and with that the intern takeover, to do a Q&A with two graduates nearing
the end of their first year with the firm – Steven Gill and Claire McGregor –
who completed an internship in 2012,  to hear about their
experience going from an intern to working as an associate. Read this post

Bradenham – Staying in the Manor

Wow! I can’t believe it is Bradenham already! Time has passed so quickly since the first day, and even further back to the assessment day- it’s scary that I am over halfway through my internship.

Bradenham, the place everyone at Grant Thornton talks about. Before even joining  I had already heard stories about practically every aspect of it. I don’t know what I was expecting to be honest,  after hearing lots of stories from other people in the office, I guess I was just excited to finally get there, meet the other interns and experience it for myself. Read this post

The Audit Intern

So… It’s your first day. You’re still half asleep from the first early start in months and the incredulous scream of your alarm is still ringing loudly in your ears. For many, memories of assessment days still lay fresh enough in the mind to induce the compulsory sweaty-palms and hyperventilation. You’ve passed all the tests to get this far but the biggest hurdle is yet to come. As if six whole weeks of 8am starts are not trial enough, on top of this the need to become an effective and efficient part of the Grant Thornton team during your stay seems a daunting task. Read this post