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Unlocking the Potential for Dynamic Students

When I joined Grant Thornton I was really proud to be a part of a down to earth, dynamic and forward thinking organisation. I’d moved from another large accountancy firm where they did trainee recruitment really well. What I was excited about was using my existing expertise and turning it up a notch to help create and build a new approach that felt really right for Grant Thornton. One of the first projects I worked on was this very blog, along with a group of amazing trainees. Being surrounded by such fantastic talent and energy really inspired me to strive to be market leading in everything we do as a team.

As well as being market leading with our approach to social media we knew we had to do something bold and brave around how we identify and select great talent. We’re an ambitious firm that’s really going places, and finding amazing trainees is central to our growth strategy. We’re on track to achieving our ambition of being a £500m turnover business a year early. The trainees we hire are pivotal to this, and ultimately driving the growth of our firm.

We already hire great talent. Each year we look for over 350 business advisers to join us across our four programmes; graduate, school leaver, summer intern and 12 month placement. A brave approach to social media and a bold marketing campaign needed to be complemented by a distinctive approach to selection. This realisation set the scene and is where our thinking began. Read this post