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Akash’s Accelerate Blog: Part 2

It has been a little over five months since I joined Grant Thornton, and it comes as no surprise that my time here has already quickly flown by. At the time of writing my last post, I was still waiting to go on my first away job and looking forward to all the challenges I would be facing and since then, a lot has changed!

The first two months for myself involved a lot of travelling to all parts of Britain. Cities I visited included Glasgow, Brighton, Cardiff and London. This was a massive eye opener. As a school leaver, it was something I had not experienced previously. My initial assumptions prior to my travelling were that as a new starter, I’d predominantly be very office based for the first few months, however this is not the case at Grant Thornton. New starters get the opportunity to go out on audits almost immediately after joining.

To help and assist you prior to this, all the new starters from our region were able to attend an audit training week. During the week, you get given a better understanding of the work you’ll be carrying out on audits and as a result, you’ll come away from the week with a much firmer grasp of auditing. I was surprised to learn that the training was being led by graduates and school leavers who had been with the firm for just 2-3 years. The advantage of receiving training from them was that they were sitting in our shoes not very long ago and were able to share the experiences and lessons they had learnt. It was also useful as I felt they were also able to relate to us more effectively and overall, the week proved to be an insightful one.

One of the biggest factors that influenced me on applying to Grant Thornton was the buzz about Bradenham. For those that don’t know, Bradenham is a manor house and is where Grant Thornton house many of their internal training courses. It’s a unique setting in which every individual at Grant Thornton will get to experience at some point. It’s even full of facilities such as accommodation, a gym, bar and a games room. The most enjoyable part from Bradenham from my experience was being able to meet other individuals in the same position as me, but from offices all over the country. This provided a great opportunity to talk to others and their experiences so far and also to even build some networks.

After receiving all my training, I most certainly felt more prepared for my first audit. It became apparent how useful the audit training week had been as I was pretty much replicating what I had been taught. This helped ease any nerves I had at the time as I felt more comfortable with the work I was carrying out. All in all, it’s hard to believe it’s already been five months. In the next few months, it’s ‘busy’ season, so I’m expecting to get a lot more experience on jobs. In addition, I have college in the summer to look forward to which will provide a break from the office. Speak to you then!

Akash’s Accelerate Blog: Part 1

Hi everyone, my name is Akash, and I’m currently one of the school leavers in audit from the Milton Keynes office. My main aim for writing for this blog is to try provide an insight into what working at Grant Thornton is like on a day-to-day basis and hopefully give you a better understanding of what to expect when you join. Personally, I gained a huge insight from this very blog a year ago, which ultimately drove me to apply for a school leaver position.

Leaving school and entering the world of work is no doubt daunting, however I was surprised to learn that it wasn’t as menacing as I’d previously anticipated. This was due to several events to which other new starters and I were invited to, prior to starting work. One such example was a pizza evening, which was the first time I met my new colleagues. The evening provided an opportunity for us to get to know one another, and in addition there were others who had joined Grant Thornton the year before who were on hand to answer any questions we had. Ultimately this made me feel a lot more relaxed and eased our concerns about joining the firm.

Fast-forward a few months and by the end of this week, I will have completed my first month at Grant Thornton. Every year, all new starters get to attend a two-day national induction, called Talent. It was a great chance to meet new starters from all across the country and as well as several informative workshops, and it ended with a surreal boat cruise down the River Thames!

After all the fun and excitement of this year’s Talent12, we returned to the office and underwent a business development project. The task was to primarily find prospective new clients for the firm; this consisted of heading out into local industrial estates and getting the names of local businesses. We then researched these companies back at the office and each compiled a shortlist. On the third day of the project, we had to present our findings to one of the partners and the rest of the group. It proved to be a fun exercise and taught us what Grant Thornton does as a firm and different ways in which we can help other firms.

In order to prepare you for college, Grant Thornton provide their own training course. New starters from other offices were part of the course as well. The most notable point to mention is the food you’ll receive. It took quite some self-restraint not to go for the chocolate cake, donuts, profiteroles or all sorts of wonderful desserts every night! I felt I bonded well with trainees from other offices, which really helps, especially as you may end up working with them in the future!

I think that leads up to where I’ve reached at the moment. I still have my first away job coming up to look forward to. What I can say so far is that it?s true what I’ve been told by others, each day has been different and has bought about new challenges so I look forward to updating you all on what the future will bring.