• Just a quick one from me after my cycle to client this morning - we’ve got a couple of professional level #bAeCAers awaiting exam results at midday today and I just wanted to wish everyone the best of luck in getting the results you were wanting! Just remember to keep your head up if things don’t go your way this time - we all have different pathways in our careers and see this as a building block to bounce up from and keep focused on that next goal on your radar! Best of luck guys! 👌🏻💜💜💜 #gtlife #exams #results
  • So we had our “Unleashing Your Potential” event yesterday in Milton Keynes - a chance for everyone about to qualify in Central Region to come together and talk about “what’s next”! We were looking at what the manager role of the future could look like and what sorts of aspirations we have as well as the next steps to take in order to start that journey towards reaching our goals. It was a really thought-provoking day and I think we all came away with a much clearer idea of the options available to us and the importance of talking with lots of people and seeing our careers as a fluid positive process. To end the day, we headed down to the local @snozone and had a go at sledding! Awesome fun with a lovely group of people that I can’t wait to progress with as we take on more senior roles in the future together👌🏻💜 ... well it was all fun and games until @ellieburf decided to start a snow war with me! ☃️#gtlife #snow #war #sledding #growth #people #squad #development
  • So, to get our secondees the opportunity to meet the whole team, we decided to go out for the classic “British Friday night after work drinks” 👌🏻 what started as a large group ended up being a more intimate evening, getting to know each other loads more and, I hope, give our secondees that feeling like they’re part of the family 💜 Now we’ve got the rest of audit busy season to smash out #letsgo #gtlife #drinks #social #family #worklife
  • New year... same old audit ting.... Oh wait! What’s that? Two new secondees from South Africa coming to work in Noz? Awesome! Our director, Steve, kindly took us all out to lunch 👌🏻 welcome to the Norwich family! 💜 #gtlife #secondment #international #family #onefirm #welcome #lunch #steagling #baguette
  • It has been an amazing year for us @grantthorntonuk trainees - thought we’d do a #2017bestnine to revisit some of those awesome moments! - No best 9 would be complete without our CEO Sacha @romanovsun1 inspiring the future leaders! - We’ve got some of #Bradenham (our beloved training facility) - #Talent17 (where we introduced another group of amazing trainees into our family to start their journeys) - The GT National Football Tournament (which brought the whole family together to compete and party, expanding our friendship groups across the whole UK) - All the social and charity fund-raising events we have put on for all the amazing organisations we work with, all looking to help shape a #vibranteconomy! - It’s been a busy one, 2017, for sure. And these are just a snapshot not including everything else we’ve done! But being busy for us has meant proactively growing and seizing those opportunities. Exactly what we look to do in #2018. We can’t wait to see all of our future trainees bringing their positive and open mindsets to our vibrant, growing family👌🏻💜 #gtlife #newyear #inspiration #future #opportunity
  • #tb to Friday when we had our audit secret santa ! King Toby received his regal drinking apparatus (it’s a mug.), Tom looked like he was about to take over the black pearl, and someone thought it would be funny to give me even bigger orange glasses... ha. ha. ha. We also had Olaf snowman slippers, cowboy hats and Draco Malfoy lookalikes too! I love this lot and you can always count on your #GTfam to send you off into the Christmas break in good spirits (and I’m not even talking about the pub crawl 😂🙄) hope you all have an amazing christmas! 👌🏻💜 #gtlife #secretsanta #christmas
  • It has been such a privilege to work with these awesome people in the @grantthorntonuk Aspiring Leaders Group (ALG) - have learnt so much by brainstorming, bouncing ideas off one another and coming up with innovative ways to propel our firm to even further growth and an even stronger network of family and friends respecting and looking out for one another. Let’s keep this momentum going! Can’t wait to work more with these determined, passionate people! Even though the official programme may have come to an end, this is just the beginning of what we are going to achieve together! 👌🏻💜 #gtlife #ambition #leadership #family #team
  • To everyone receiving ACA exam results today! 🍀#advancedlevel #aca #icaew #accounting #trainees #results #day #good #luck
  • Cracking shot from one of our #norwich execs down at frosty #bradenham this week #gtlife #Repost @dnplmr_lifestyle (@get_repost) ・・・ T-shirt weather in the manor - - #views #manor #snow #bradenham #scenes #photo #photography #photooftheday #potd #explore #exploring #travel #travelphotography #landscape #landscapephotography #blogger #lifestyle #dnplmrlifestyle
  • Loved that my first Christmas card for the year was from the Partners at the Cambridge office. I’ve never seen them look so festive 🎄 #gtlife #itsbeginningtofeelalotlikechristmas
  • Cambridge audit celebrating Christmas on ice ❄️ #gtlife #cambridgenorthpole
  • Brilliant workshop run by Kathy Thompson and @harp4l around presentation skills - building confidence, controlling nervousness, understanding your audience, and building our stories to share with the world. My brain is super exhausted after today which is always an awesome sign of how beneficial the workshop was and how much there is to take away and apply in the real world as we develop our business development roles as @grantthorntonuk Business Advisers! 👌🏻💜 #gtlife #bradenham #businessadviser #development
  • Hark’s story: “My internship was a steep learning curve. But it was also fun, enjoyable and support was always on hand. I was a bit worried at first about my lack of accounting knowledge. But the team expects this and provides lots of training and support. I was surprised just how much time out managers and accountants took to explain things and go through work with me. The culture is very people focused, so you’re treated as an individual and get involved right from the start. My eight-week summer internship started with an induction in London where I met the other audit interns. I also spent three days learning at Bradenham Manor. But I learned most on-the-job. It really is the best way. I learned things you can’t possibly learn in a classroom, and in only my second week I went on my first client visit. I’m very proud of how much I developed on my internship. I grew in confidence, developed my skills and even gave a presentation on the vibrant economy at the end of it all. I enjoyed it so much I’ve now joined the graduate programme and act as a buddy to new interns”. Applications for our internship programme our now open, apply here and shape more than just your career. #gtlife #shapemorethan #gtinterns
  • Awesome party last night for the whole of the @grantthorntonuk Norwich office! 🎉 They’d even gone and got an Instagram frame so we could all live the @gt_trainees life! Awesome entertainment from @magicaleddmagic absolutely perplexing some of our new audit trainees that have just started in September - hope you enjoyed your first GT xmas party guys! Plenty more to come over the years! Cracking turnout from leadership too “leading” the way to the dance floor! #punny 🤦🏼‍♂️ ... I’m off to #Bradenham next week - can’t wait to see more of my #GTfamily from all over the country! 👌🏻💜 #gtlife #social #party #family #xmas
  • Not sure how to quite follow Toby’s vlog tbh. But I’ll have a go! You can’t really see my sparkly beard but @lovemoimakeup offered and I couldn’t refuse - it looked awesome in the right light. Just some extra content to sum up today - the leadership team all getting glittered up, being the “office gopher” (as Toby put it) sorting out office filing and doing the drinks round, all to raise money for @nelsons_journey, including an auction and a press-up challenge... really fun day. This was coupled with a some problem solving group activities and discussions around how we can perform even better in future and create an even more family-like culture. We ended up with drinks and pizza and some card games and table tennis. Everyone has worked together to raise a cracking sum of money to give to charity. Really love working with these awesome people 👌🏻💜 #gtlife #culture #leadership #charity #glitter

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