New Year, New…Job?


What’s your New Year’s Resolution? Go to the gym?┬áVisit a new country? Apply to Grant Thornton? Whatever it is you’re looking to do, don’t do it before checking out our blogs this week as part of our New Year’s Resolution Series, where a few members of the team will be sharing their experiences from their past year, and what they’re looking forward to in the next. First up is Izzy from our Finsbury Square office to talk about her experiences in 2015. Over to you…!

A new year, a good time to reflect and look forward to the future. It’s been a pretty hectic year! In short: I’ve worked full time in the Real Estate Tax team in London; sat 5 ACA exams; played in national and international real tennis tournaments; settled into my new home; and was diagnosed with a degenerative eye condition, which wasn’t what I was hoping for.

Not everything goes to plan, but looking back at the past year I’ve learnt and grown a lot, the large part of it coming from working at Grant Thornton. Looking forwards, we kick off 2016 with a busy time of the year for our team, as we have a lot of ‘non-resident’ clients who must therefore pay income tax on their property income, which falls due on 31st January. This coincides with my trip to Melbourne to play real tennis! With a supportive team around me and working hard to make sure all my work is completed before I go, I head off on the 8th for two weeks.

This is my first time going to Australia and certainly won’t be my last! One of my goals at work is to do the secondment to the Sydney office starting next year. I will also hopefully be exam qualified by December and will have to make the decision of whether to sit my CTA exams, to become a chartered tax advisor.

Not only do I have many work orientated aspirations, outside of work I will continue to develop my real tennis, competing in all major tournaments around the world, physically and mentally getting stronger.

Writing all this down, I can’t help but wonder how I’m going to fit it all in! But I am pretty confident I can achieve everything and more if I put my mind to it. Hope you all had a good new year!

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