Living in London – Sam’s Accelerate Diary

Tower Bridge

Well, not exactly, but it definitely felt like it! Spending Monday to Friday in the hustle and bustle of the city for a few weeks was a real eye-opener into what it’s like living in the capital, and a great chance to catch some sights of Tower Bridge, the London Eye, and a lot of different train lines! Here’s a quick catch up of what I’ve been doing since my last blog back in September, and what I’ve got coming up until Christmas.

After my first visit to the Birmingham office for the School Leaver Champions day which, if you missed, you can read up on by clicking here, I’ve mainly been in London, working on a client with a large property portfolio, with projects all over the country. For anyone in audit outside of London, it’s particularly rare to be on a single job for such a long time (I say five weeks like it’s a really long time…), because as a trainee, you would normally be on for a week or two weeks before moving on to a different client, dependant on the size of the company  and how it operates.  The client I was working on in London held around £1.3billion of assets, and had a turnover of around £134million, and so this requires a lot more work, hence the five weeks I was on the audit for.

Since the Champions day, we’ve had a few open-office events including a huge School Leaver Insight day, that took place in Cambridge, Ipswich and Norwich on 19th October. This was a series of events that took place in the several different offices, where we opened up the doors and let in some prospective trainees that came in to hear about careers in accountancy. If you were able to attend one of these events, hopefully you were able to take away some valuable information, and spoke to lots of Grant Thornton trainees about what a career in accountancy is really like. If you didn’t attend, try and get in touch with your nearest office to see when the next event is being held, or follow us on twitter to hear about the latest events that are going on.

If you’re from in and around Milton Keynes, you may have heard that we also held one of our legendary pizza evenings in the office on the 19th November, which had a really good turnout of around 60 to 70 people! If you want to find out more about these pizza evenings, and how you can find out about them, click here.

Going into Christmas, and with most companies having year-ends of 31 December, we’re preparing for our busy season, which is due to start around mid-January. Companies can set their year ends to whenever they want, but as it’s just easy to follow, most of these are at the end of December. For trainees, this means attending stocktakes at a large variety of clients across the country, which is an interesting change of scenery, and a chance to go to different cities and locations over the festive period. It does unfortunately mean that for those unlucky ones of us, our Christmas or New Year’s Eve may be spent on a chilly industrial estate counting tins of paint… In this situation you simply have to look forward to next year when you can say “I’ve been there and done that!”.

I’ve booked some days off around Christmas to take some time out before the big rush in the New Year, but until then, I’ll be getting myself a new scarf and gloves, and hiding away in the warm at every given moment to try and avoid getting a cold!

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