The Weeks Before I Joined Grant Thornton


Back in June, before I joined the firm, I wrote a blog about the period between receiving an offer at Grant Thornton and joining the firm. As the season of summer internships approaches the end, and an array of new graduates and school leavers prepare to join the firm on a permanent basis, I thought it might be fitting to release my blog. So keep reading below, to see what I was thinking before I joined Grant Thornton just a few months ago.

Hi, I’m Mass and I recently secured a summer internship at Grant Thornton! If you have secured or are hoping to secure a similar position at Grant Thornton, you might be wondering what you can expect in the few weeks before your employment is due to begin!

– From the application process, it immediately became clear to me that the company has a friendly culture and a warm feeling throughout. Before you are due to start, you  receive phone calls and emails from people who you have already met during the application process, as well as from some people you have not met from Grant Thornton. For me this included my future line manager, the recruiters responsible for bringing me into Grant Thornton and even  a phone call from a partner who had previously  interviewed me. They will seek to answer any questions you might have,  and offer  some great advice! I even received some chocolates and a card wishing me good luck for my exams!

– You will have begun getting using Grant Thornton’s online social network, JAM, where you can connect with other interns, new starters and employees alike! The system is highly useful for multiple purposes, with people doing everything from blogging about their daily work to organising flat shares. Applicants can begin to make friends and connect with the people they are going to be working with!

– You are  given a lot of information via JAM about your upcoming internship. This information is varied and comes in different forms – videos are utilised, as well as articles and brochures explaining the structure of your upcoming internship. Many current Grant Thornton employees are on hand  and quickly reply to answer any questions you might have.

– You will begin to consider and register an interest in which project you want to get involved with once your internships begins. These run alongside your work experience and help you keep in touch with interns across the country. There seems to be a project suited to everyone and with the wide choice you will definitely find something in which to involve yourself!  Options this year include the successful fundraising challenge which saw interns raise over £6000 last year, getting involved in the Intern yearbook and writing for the intern takeover of the Spilling The Beans blog!

– You will be told about the first social events for the interns and start signing up straight away; the first social event usually occurs before the internship actually begins! You will be informed of the structure of your internship and the structure of your first few days of work. Before you know it, if you are anything like me, you will very soon have memorised and tried to imagine the first few days of your internship!

This pre internship period is an exciting one  – get yourself prepared and ready so you can to hit the ground running and   can make the best possible first impression. But remember at this stage, you do not have to feel as nervous as you might have during other periods; you have secured your internship, so not much can go wrong. Grant Thornton already know that you have what it takes! So get involved in JAM, plan your outfits for the first social events and get yourself prepared to be the best you can be!

Good luck to everyone who is currently applying for roles at Grant Thornton and to those awaiting to start!


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