Durham – meet your Campus Community Manager

Hi everyone, I’m Jenny and I’m working as a Campus Community Manager at Durham University this year. I’m really looking forward to attending Grant Thornton events on campus and helping people through the application process! I’m just going to tell you a bit about myself at Durham and how I ended up with a graduate job at Grant Thornton.

So a bit about myself in Durham, I’m a third year Hatfielder studying a Joint Honours degree in Maths and Economics under the Natural Sciences programme.  I love being part of a college and I spend quite a lot of time around Hatfield. Last year I was the treasurer for Hatfield Duck and I was part of the exec organising our big 6pm-6am Lion in Winter Ball. Throughout my time at Durham I’ve been quite involved with SCA, tutoring in their one-to-one project for the last two years, but this year I’m working as Project Leader of the Sixth Form Tutoring Project. I’ve decided for my final year I’m going to try something completely new and I’ve joined DUGTC, hopefully you won’t see me wandering around Durham in a cast from trying gymnastics!

I’m from South Shields which is a seaside town about 40 minutes away from Durham. When I came to look at internships at the end of my first year I quickly realised there aren’t very many in Newcastle/Durham area. I actually wrote a blog on the site about this during my internship so if you’re in the same situation as me where you’re going to have to move to a new city for an internship or graduate job, have a read of that!

Once I had decided I wanted to do an internship in Manchester in an Audit department, I started researching companies. I came across Grant Thornton on Rate My Placement. The firm had great reviews and everyone was saying how friendly people were. I really wanted to work in a company where I would feel valued and where I would get along with other employees. So I applied to Grant Thornton, did the online tests and the telephone interview , then headed to my Assessment Centre in Liverpool. I had an amazing day, I met loads of new people and I really got a feel for Grant Thornton as a firm.

Fast forward a few months and I started my internship in June. It was scary at first but I was quickly put at ease after meeting other interns and other people around the office. I spent the majority of my time at Grant Thornton out on client site, working with small teams completing the audit. I was lucky enough to chat to Partners and Senior Managers on a daily basis, whilst also being surrounded by Associates not much older than me.

The highlight of my internship was probably the two days we spent at Bradenham. Bradenham is Grant Thornton training facility in High Wycombe. As interns we spent two days on a presentation course, which has actually been really useful at uni too! It was a really fun two days and it was great to meet interns from across the country!

At the end of my six weeks, I was lucky enough to be offered the Graduate job for September 2015. It feels great to be back in Durham with a job already sorted, allowing me to focus on my final year studies. I had an amazing time in Manchester for my internship and I really encourage you to apply!

As I said before, I’m back in Durham this year as a Campus Community Manager. I’ll be working with the Durham Alumni team at Grant Thornton to put on events around Durham and to help anyone with their applications. We have the following events coming up so please come along to find out more about Grant Thornton and the positions available.

Friday 24th October – Members of the Grant Thornton Durham Alumni team will be at the DUS

Monday 27th October – The big one! The famous Grant Thornton Pizza Night will be held at Fabios.
Come along for an informal chat with one of the team. We’ll be able to give
you loads of information about the application process and you can talk to
people from Associates to Partners in a really relaxed environment!

Hopefully I’ll see you at one of these events; in the meantime if you have any questions or want help with applications just send me an email at jennyelgar313@hotmail.com. Good luck!

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