My experience so far…

Hi, I’m Hien, an audit intern in Milton Keynes office. My journey leading to this internship at Grant Thornton is a little different from many others, as I have graduated from University and am now looking forward to my postgraduate programme next year. The reason for the continued study is that I am unsure whether I’m one hundred percent ready to commit myself to a full-time job. Besides, I’m also uncertain about my passion for a particular career.

I’ve embarked on my audit internship at Grant Thornton looking for a great combination of a fascinating career and the right firm to work for. So far, my experience here at Grant Thornton has exceeded my expectations.

During my first week I received internal training from my buddy (interns are paired with a recent starter in the firm who helps you through your first few weeks) in the areas of basic accounting and auditing, which involved me using different types of software in order to complete the job. It was quite confusing at first, but also intriguing and challenging, which meant that I was keen to get to grips with them during my free time. Naturally, as I practiced more, things became more familiar. I actually found a huge interest in accounting itself due to its rigorous and logical characteristics. My buddy also gave me a lot of examples and drills to work on which really strengthened my understanding of the procedure.

Then came the A1a work; this is essentially to check the clients’ annual reports for any potential errors, from spelling mistakes to calculations of financial statements and notes. A1a is sometimes seen as monotonous but after having done it a couple of times, I quite enjoy it as I found it triggers my attention to detail; it also gives you a good understanding of the sorts of things to look out for in a set of company accounts. Most of the time I felt as if I was playing a spot-the-error game.

I have only been here for around two weeks and have not yet been out to a client, so most of my jobs have been in and around the office. Therefore I’ve had a lot of opportunities to experience the office atmosphere at Grant Thornton and it has been truly amazing. Everyone is really nice and helpful, encouraging you to ask lots of questions. Although I have always been keen to ask lots of questions (even the silly ones), I can really appreciate how much this has helped me ¬†as I realise I have learnt a lot and deepened my own knowledge through asking these questions. In addition, what is even more important is that people make you feel relaxed, at ease and that your contribution is recognised regardless of how small it is.

Moreover, at Grant Thornton there is a lot of focus on widening your career perspectives with secondments into different service lines. I recently spent a day in Corporate Finance which really broadened my understanding of what other departments do and how diverse Grant Thornton is as a firm. Overall, I’m amazed how much I have learnt over the past two weeks and have realised that full time work isn’t as daunting as it seemed. Work commitment will come naturally if you enjoy what you are doing as a career so it is really important to find a job that you love.

I am glad that I chose Grant Thornton and audit for my internship. Even though it may be too soon to say that this is the career for me, I would be extremely flattered to be asked back to work full time here as part of the Grant Thornton audit team.

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