Molly’s Accelerate Diary – August 2013

This month has been a really great one. It’s been hot, there have been barbeques, birthdays, bank holidays (although sadly the last one of the year until Christmas Day – scary!). The month began with me receiving my final AAT result and I am now over the moon to tell you that I am AAT qualified leaving me ready to take my next big step into the world of ACCA.

August saw me return to one of our motor retail clients. I was really pleased about this as it is a client I know well, and one with whom I had built a good rapport in the previous year. Perhaps my favourite part of returning to this client was the fact that they are only ten minutes away from my house meaning that I could roll out of bed at half past seven – uni students, it may sadden you to know that that is my idea of a mega weekday lie in. With this audit came the opportunity for me to experience working with one of our newer ‘in-charges’. I’ve mentioned before that one my favourite parts of working in audit is the vast range of teams that we get to work with, as with each different person comes new perspective and ideas; a chance to learn.

My favourite pearl of wisdom to come from the aforementioned in-charge was to ‘channel my inner Beyoncé’! While this doesn’t mean that I quickly ran into the toilets for a costume change before strutting into the client’s office to the ‘Single Ladies’ routine, the point is that one of the tougher parts of being an auditor is getting information from the client that they are simply too busy to give. However, it is our job to gain a deeper understanding of what is happening in a business, and it is therefore important to have the confidence to discuss matters with a client that you may not be entirely comfortable with, even when you are at a relatively junior level like myself. Therefore, as the month has gone by I have found myself living by a new philosophy – ‘WWBD – What would Beyonce do?’ You may laugh, but it is no lie that these very words are now up on the Ipswich ‘wall of wisdom’ (picture to follow on Instagram).

So, besides having a slight epiphany, what else has happened in Ipswich this month? Well, excitingly, our two new joiners (a graduate and a school-leaver) started with us at the end of the month, which meant I was lucky enough to spend a day with them teaching the ways of Grant Thornton and happily, the whole office took them out for a welcome lunch! I then sulked for a while as they hurried off to both the regional and national inductions (Talent 13) of which I have such fond memories from two years ago.

Stepping into September, and we have another exciting month ahead. Firstly, applications for summer 2014 internships and September 2014 placements, graduate, and school leaver programmes have now opened which means I’m looking forward to answering many of your questions on the forums and on Facebook. Secondly, I look forward to starting my first block of tuition for my ACCA exams in December. Oh, and to defeat the Autumn blues, I might have booked myself a nice weekend away in Spain!


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