Jonathan’s Public Sector Diary – Q3 2013

Hello and welcome to the next instalment of my Public Sector Diary, and my first as a fully-fledged member of the Spilling the Beans team! A common perception can be that a lot of businesses slow down over the summer months, but this is not the case in Public Sector Audit. To say the past few months have been busy would be an understatement as the final accounts audits of our Local Government clients have been in full swing.

I’m pleased to say that it hasn’t all been auditing since you last heard from me, I got to travel down to London at the start of the month to take part in the Graduate Recruitment Champions Day. Not only was this an chance to meet my fellow Spilling the Beans team members for the first time but also an opportunity to contribute to the future development of Grant Thornton’s graduate recruitment strategy. The Spilling the Beans team were joined by the Grant Thornton Campus Ambassadors and the Graduate Recruitment Team to share ideas and generate debate on graduate recruitment. It was an enjoyable, energetic and thought provoking day that has inspired me to make an important contribution to attracting potential graduates (you!). This was followed by a few drinks on a bright Friday summer evening in Central London, a nice perk of the job.

As I mentioned, it is currently final accounts audit for our Local Government clients and the last month or so has seen me travelling to North Staffordshire to work on the client that I worked on when I first joined Grant Thornton. This has enabled me to see how the interim stage of the audit feeds into the final accounts audit, and has been a massive learning curve as I have seen how my work has developed (improved) over the time I have spent working at clients. I have been able to take on more areas of the audit with confidence and I am also beginning to discover the areas of the audit that I find most interesting. One of the great things about working at Grant Thornton is the responsibility that you are given at an early stage; after 9 months on the job I am now raising queries directly with clients over the accounts, taking full responsibility for large sections of testing for the audit, and even distributing work to other members of the audit team.

As I sit writing this blog it is only a couple of weeks until I start my CIPFA training, something that I am very excited about. I will be starting my qualifcations with members of our new graduate intake and I am even acting as a buddy for one of the new starters in the Birmingham Office.

As the final stages of Local Government final accounts approach, and with me soon to begin my CIPFA training I am excited about the next step for me; helping our new graduates become integrated into Grant Thornton, and learning from the new experiences I will encounter. For more information on the CIPFA qualification that myself and other new starters will be undertaking, see Megan’s “CIPFA explained” blog on the following link ( and don’t forget that applications for 2014 starts are now open – get applying!


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