Izzy’s Bradenham Experience

Hi, I’m Izzy and a current intern in the property tax department. I had such a good time at Bradenham (Grant Thornton’s national training centre) that I want to share my experience with you.

As we pulled up to Bradenham Manor in the beautiful Buckinghamshire countryside I was so excited! A big part of becoming a trainee at Grant Thornton is spending time developing your learning at Bradenham Manor, and so as an intern I was beaming when I found out we would be spending two nights there.

We were all allocated our rooms as we arrived, and then headed straight to the dining room to find out whether the food was really as good as I had read about in previous blogs. I wasn’t disappointed, a roast dinner followed by ice cream! My room was lovely, I was in the old stables with a large room and en-suite. We then went to explore the grounds, the manicured lawns perfect for playing croquet, football, volleyball and rounders, as well as an outside eating area next to the giant chess board!

Our goal was to develop our presenting skills and prepare for our final presentations which forms part of an intern’s appraisal. We had three fantastic teachers, Adrian, Stuart and Andrew who have a wealth of presenting experience behind them, each specialising in technical tax presentations. They had us out of our comfort zones from the start, which helped to break the ice and turn our nerves into the energy that would boost our performances. Any intern can verify that this course has taken their presentation skills to the next level.

On the second evening we decided on a bit of competition. With twenty interns in my particular group we decided on a big game of pairs croquet. There was the good, the bad and mostly the ugly! And it came as no surprise that the eventual winners had croquet sets in their garden back at home. We then joined in the rounders game with the trainees who were at Bradenham studying towards their CTA. A big Audit vs. Tax game broke out, although unfortunately I have to report that Audit were slightly better. We then headed to the bar to the pleasant surprise of a free drink for every intern due to our great presentation performances!

Two days at Bradenham was a memorable experience, and one that I will be banging on about to all my friends for ages. The teaching, accommodation and dining is top class. A few tips for any future visitor: bring toothpaste and shampoo, and also tell someone you are going to the toilet before leaving for good, otherwise you may get left behind (yes, it happened to me!).

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