#WWYAB – Introduction

When you visit Grant Thornton, be that through the internet, in our offices or at a campus careers day, we are always asking you one simple but powerful question; what would your advice be? You’ll spot this question because it’s at the core of our brand; we want business advisers who think like business advisers – having critical thinking edge is what sets us apart.

We advise our clients on their business and personal finance needs, it’s not just about audit and tax. So being able to see the wood for the trees is a vital part of being a good adviser. As we enter to our client’s businesses as independent advisors, we approach our advice from a unique angle and are therefore able to offer fresh ideas to our clients and their businesses. Each case is different and our firm encourages innovative thinking.

I recently attended a national trainee event called Unleashing Your Potential. This day-and-a-half event is designed to allow us as newly qualified trainees to see that wood for the trees and start to think about how we will challenge ourselves once we have qualified. The event had various presenters from our National Leadership Board, to award winning writer Steve McDermott and a selection of the firm’s rising stars who shared their post-exam experiences.

During the event, those individuals gave us advice on how we could best guide our careers. Ian Smart, our London Leader and facilitator of the event, had eleven golden nuggets of advice which he called his Top Tips. These pieces of advice have stayed with me and I have revisited them several times since the event to remind myself of their importance. My only gripe is that I hadn’t obtained this advice sooner!

Our site has always had a tips section, and we’ve always wanted to give an insight into trainee life on the Spilling the Beans blog. However, to celebrate the launch of our exciting new site we will be posting a blog every week on each one of Ian’s Top Tips. Starting this Friday a trainee a week from around our firm will be giving their unique insight into what their advice would be and why it is so special to them. In conclusion, Ian has agreed to summarise his advice, on how he made it to the top, by writing a blog for the site.

We hope you enjoy reading our blogs and keep your eyes peeled for the hashtag #WWYAB trending on twitter.


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