Molly’s Accelerate Diary – June 2013

This month saw me complete what was hopefully my final AAT exam – Financial Statements. With the Business Tax results not yet released, I now find myself desperately logging onto the AAT website in the hope that I will see the highly anticipated ‘competent’ result for my final two exams, which will bring the total up to 13 exam passes!

Today I had my annual appraisal, and as I sat and discussed with my manager where I’ve come in nearly two years at Grant Thornton, it’s scary how time flies. The graduates who I began with will sit two of their final three ACA exams in a couple of weeks with the final Case Study at Christmas, meaning that they are not far away from becoming Chartered Accountants. Meanwhile my fellow school leaver and I sat our last session of college together this month, before we part ways – she to study for the ACA in Norwich and I to study for the ACCA in Ipswich.

This month also saw our new intake of interns begin their 6 week journey with Grant Thornton. I have had the pleasure of working with one such intern in Ipswich who strangely attended the same college as me, took the same A Levels as me and who is also studying Economics at University, which was my chosen subject before I decided to apply for Grant Thornton. It has been interesting to work together and observe the different paths we have taken – each with its own perks and pitfalls. As I have spoken about in previous blogs, the decision to take the Accelerate route rather than going to university is a very personal one but one which leads you to take big steps into the working world sooner than you might have and with a very strong support network around you. There are many paths that you can take when choosing to join Grant Thornton and it is important that you research the different options as thoroughly as possible in order to decide which is the right path for you.

Aside from our interns joining, we’ve had an exciting month both nationally, in the Ipswich office and for the Spilling the Beans team.

Liverpool hosted the annual GT Football Tournament, which unfortunately I was unable to attend but am hugely pleased to say in which Ipswich girls came second!! A few nights ago I also attended a cricket match between the Ipswich office and a local solicitor firm (when I say attended, I most definitely mean observed with the rest of the work girls in the evening sun while letting the men do all the hard work!) and finally the team and I are in the exciting process of selecting some new team members to help continue to drive the team forward as we anticipate Lucy and Nick’s sad departure from the team after they receive their imminent CTA results.

Looking ahead to July I will be off for a week in Cornwall (with everything crossed for the amazing weather to last!) and  I will most certainly be making the most of having no revision to clutter up my evenings!


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