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Life in London Audit

Adam joined Grant Thornton as a trainee in September 2012. He is our new regular guest blogger and will be giving you an insight into life as an Audit trainee in London.

This is my first blog for “Spilling The Beans” and pondering what to open with¬† has been surprisingly difficult. Tossing between profundity and wit and whether I could pull either off caused far too much confusion for me and so I decided it would be better just to describe my motivation for becoming a guest blogger.

“The wide range of experiences I have had at Grant Thornton has been the most exciting part of my role, both in and out of work. Since joining I have found that there is far more to my job than its basic description and this is predominantly due to the fantastic community in which we are a part of.”

I have been involved with Movember (despite not possessing the essential quality of being able to grow a moustache), a weekly five-a-side football team, running club, the annual GT football tournament and a few after work drinks here and there.

I like the idea of travelling through work and was fortunate enough to be sent to New York to conduct an audit. I learnt about a new client and the business issues they face on a daily basis, whilst getting to be in one of the world’s most exciting cities. Working hard throughout the day, the evenings brought opportunities of shopping, visiting tourist spots and ¬†eating at great restaurants (although the American portions caused my suit trousers to become tighter than I would have liked). This experience has made me excited about my future as there are possibilities to embark on secondments around the world (including Australia and the US) which is something I will definitely be considering as I progress through the firm.

I knew Grant Thornton had a lot to offer before I joined, but was surprised how quickly I was given the opportunity to demonstrate my potential and the rewards for doing so. Within a short period of time you are able to discuss significant matters with senior colleagues who are interested to know what your thoughts are.

As you can see from my experiences so far, the decision to blog was an easy choice. In the coming months I will talk about my experiences at the firm and how I am progressing through the graduate program. This week I am off to our training centre, Bradenham Manor, which I have been looking forward to for a while. I will be able to learn and eat good food with my friends all week – no Sunday night blues for me!

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