An Instinct for Goals

At Grant Thornton there are plenty of opportunities to excel yourself outside of your normal working environment and in my opinion there is no better opportunity to do so then while at the annual football tournament that takes place every summer.

The tournament winners earn the right to host it a year later which led to the 2013 edition being held In Liverpool, arguably the home of British football (although not in my opinion!). Teams come from across the land and on this occasion even from Hamburg to compete in a tournament that is great fun, very competitive and in many ways represents the firms core values and what Grant Thornton is all about.

After an ‘early night’ on the Friday, teams headed for the local power league centre in a range of bright and colourful kits with players of very differing abilities eagerly anticipating a day of triumphs and tribulations on the pitch and networking and catching up with colleagues from other offices off the pitch. In terms of performance, Severnside (Bristol & Cardiff offices) showed glimpses of promise but unfortunately it was not to be our day.

A great time was had by all on what turned out to be a very hot afternoon by the Mersey. The event was followed by a post-mortem of the day’s events at a bar in the city centre which gave everyone a chance to meet new people, see old friends from training courses and more importantly, attempt to find an office that did worse than you in the final league rankings!

This is one of many social activities that takes place at Grant Thornton on a regular basis and it is a great way of bringing everyone together which is an important aspect of a positive working environment. Having only been at the firm for six months myself, I have already been on various outings including the annual summer ball, the football tournament and I was absolutely devastated to miss out on the Easter egg hunt! As at any other large organisation, there are times when you are busy in the office but the firm does well in balancing this with enjoyable activities outside of work to help maintain a balance.

The football tournament incidentally was won by Thames Valley so we all look forward to heading there next year and with another year of experience under our belts and a few new faces, hopefully we can bring the cup back to Severnside!

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