Billie’s Internship Diary

Hi, I’m Billie and I’m an intern in the Public Sector Audit team at Grant Thornton’s Euston Square office in London. Having lived in small villages and towns all my life I was feeling a certain trepidation on my first day as I rode the tube to the Finsbury Office where our induction was to take place, however I was quickly put at ease by the friendly welcome given by the firm.

We were invited to a complimentary breakfast where we were able to meet interns in all streams of the internship programme at Grant Thornton from offices across the South of England. I was in the privileged position of having already met the other public sector audit interns as we had been provided with each other’s contact details prior to starting and had been able to arrange a meal out together the night before.

The induction day was perfect, we were given all the information we would need whilst also being made to feel at ease by being given ample time to chat with other interns and current employees. Any first day nerves were eliminated by ice breakers like “networking bingo” and building “balloon towers”, so by the end of the day most of us felt like old friends!

Ian, the London Managing Leadership Partner, kicked the day off with an inspiring talk about what Grant Thornton stands for and how to make the most of our time with the firm. There was then a chance to grill a good-humoured panel of trainees, alongside practical information like our itinerary. The talk on use of the IT software was something that I found especially helpful, being a bit of a technophobe, and I was thrilled to hear that Grant Thornton would be sending the lot of us to their training centre, Bradenham Manor, for two nights to enjoy free food and accommodation whilst developing our presentation skills.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the day for me personally was the presentation on Corporate and Social Responsibility. As this is something large companies can often overlook, I found it really encouraging that Grant Thornton takes CSR seriously. Even though we’re only here for a few weeks, all the interns will be taking a day out to volunteer at a local primary school. We are currently raising money for tools to use during the project and so I have been contacting companies trying to secure prizes for a raffle, which has been really exciting. I’ll report back on my success in a later blog.

Although induction day officially ended on Monday, on Tuesday morning we were again treated to a free breakfast where we could catch-up, this time located at our home offices with the other interns and our buddies (Grant Thornton trainees assigned to us who help with finding our feet and way around). The PSA interns were given a thorough days training in auditing principles and were introduced to Grant Thornton’s exclusive auditing software “Voyager”. We also got to meet our line managers face-to-face for the first time, all of whom were helpful, supportive and able to clarify any matters about which we were unclear. By the end of the second day the PSA intern team felt ready for the challenge we were to face on the third day of going out to client sites and taking responsibility for our own sections of the audit. I was really surprised to hear we’d get so much hands-on experience during the internship, and can’t wait to get started!

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