Nick’s Diary – June 2013

June has arguably been the best month of my working career. The exams are in the past, I’ve been taking on plenty of additional responsibility and I’m starting to see the beginning of the end of my time as a trainee.¬†As a result of this, I’ve been spending more time travelling across the South and building relationships with our Oxford and Reading offices.

As mentioned in my last blog, I have been working with a client based in the heart of London where I took the early morning commute by tube (a first for me!). Whilst this is something I would have found daunting a couple of years ago, the few days I spent travelling across the capital really whet my appetite for making the move to the big smoke.

Keeping busy, active and mobile is a great part of what I do but heading back to Southampton (and my six minute walking commute) was welcomed. As I progress from trainee to a qualified member of staff, I have started to take on new responsibilities and I am starting to see an interesting and active role being paved in my current position.

These activities included a workshop, based in Southampton, where more senior and client facing members of staff spent the day together discovering how we can best use our time when with clients. Working in tax can often involve a great degree of technical work and diving into detail is an important part of the role. Taking your head out of the sand and looking at the big picture, like we did at this workshop, was a great way to remind ourselves why we do what we do.

To top the day off, I whipped out the tux and headed over to the Bournemouth Sporting Dinner where Kevin Kegan gave a (surprisingly, I didn’t know he was funny!) comical presentation on his career. His story is a great reflection of what it takes to be the best, he just kept going, striving to be better than not only the competition, but himself.

On that note, you’ll see from the site that we have new members on board the Spilling the Beans blog team. Now that I’ve completed my exams and am soon to be moving on as a trainee, I feel that my relevance to the site has diminished. Having been with this team for two years, it’s great to see we have new members who share my motivation and enthusiasm for making this site better than it was yesterday. For the users of this site, I am confident that you’re in safe hands.

I rounded the month off with a road trip to Portugal for a holiday in the Al Garve. Given that I’ve almost always taken my holiday allocation for exams, this is a much needed break. No doubt I’ll come back far from relaxed and as red as a lobster. See you on the other side!

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