Jonathan’s Public Sector Diary – Q2 2013

Welcome to part two of my Public Sector diary, I hope you enjoyed the first part! Since you last heard from me it has been busy season in the Public Sector with NHS final accounts taking up all of May for everyone in the Public Sector team. Some of the NHS audits went down to the wire but I am pleased to say that all were delivered by the deadline!

Not only was this my first experience of NHS accounts it was my first time working on the final accounts section of delivering an audit. This meant that it was a steep learning curve for me at the same time as having to contribute to the successful delivery of the audit within the tight deadline. Since joining Grant Thornton, the one thing that I have really noticed is the responsibility that is given to trainees early on in their career. This was no different during NHS final accounts where I was given responsibility for delivering some of the key areas of the audit testing. As a result of this I had to be organised to balance the different tasks I was given and ensure that I delivered by the deadline.

I would love to say that it all went smoothly but that wouldn’t be completely true! As this was my first time working on final accounts there were some areas where I did not yet have the experience or the knowledge. As frustrating as this was at times, because the audit team was working closely together I could ask questions of my more experienced colleagues and learn from them. If NHS final accounts taught me anything it is the importance of utilising the experience and knowledge of colleagues by asking questions and being open to feedback.

Following NHS accounts I spent a week in the sun relaxing and recharging, but I have got straight back into the swing of things by spending the last week and a half working on the final accounts of a Housing Association. This has been particularly interesting for me as I previously worked for a Housing Association and it has enabled me to see the sector from the other side. This audit has provided different challenges to the NHS audit but it is this variety that I enjoy so much about working in audit.

As others have said in these blogs an important part of working at Grant Thornton is the social events with colleagues. In a couple of weeks is the all-important Grant Thornton football tournament in Liverpool. This is an opportunity to network with colleagues across the country in an informal atmosphere and it will hopefully see one of the Birmingham Office teams bring home the trophy!

Over the next few weeks I will be moving onto working on local government final accounts which will be very interesting as it will enable me to see the transition from interim audit work to final account work.

I hope you have enjoyed the second part of the blog and you can follow me on twitter at @GT_JonathanM. See you in three months!

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