Nick’s Diary – May 2013

The nature of the life of a trainee is that, for a couple of months a year, we leave the office and head over to college for study and revision for exams. As mentioned in my last blog, April was a month spent in front of books as I completed my final CTA stage. For May, it’s the ACA trainees turn to be out of the office as they prepare for June and July exams.

I work in Corporate Tax in Southampton and have studied through ATT-CTA. Typically, corporate roles within our firm mean completing the ACA-CTA route and this is how things are done in Oxford and Reading. As a result, when these offices are light on staff, we are able to use our scale to fill the gap, as it were.

This has provided me with the opportunity to be that gap filler and since coming back from Bradenham I’ve spend the grand sum of five days in Southampton. The rest of my time has been split between Oxford and Reading where I’ve been working on corporate tax jobs in these offices.

Getting out and about is one of the parts of this role that I enjoy so much. Meeting new people and building relationships is, for me, the most exciting part of my role. Travelling up to these offices gives me the chance to do exactly that and make the early starts a small price to pay.

Other than wandering across the South, I’ve enjoyed having freedom from the exams. Being able to have a guilt-free weekend for myself is definitely something I am welcoming and, fingers crossed, I won’t need to worry about that ever again. All I have now is a ten week wait for the results!

Although I feel like I’ve clocked up a lot of mileage this month I’m not alone in making a lengthy trip for my career. In the penultimate Friday of the month the Southampton office said goodbye to two South African secondees who had been with us for the last six months. Another lively night out with fellow colleagues was a good send off for Jen and Daniel.

June proves to be another busy month for me in terms of travel. Along with heading over to Oxford and Reading again I’ve also got a week with a client in Central London – something I’m particularly looking forward to.

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