Molly’s Accelerate Diary – April 2013

This month has been an agonising one, eagerly logging onto the AAT website daily in the hope that my Personal Tax results will have been posted. At Level 4, unlike Level 3 where you receive your results as you walk out of the exam, results take between four to six weeks to arrive. Alongside this, I have sat tuition for my Business Tax exam. The tuition phase was double the length of the Personal Tax tuition at four days long, meaning double the volume of information to absorb. As with Personal Tax, I found the module an extremely interesting and relevant one leading me to wonder about the possibilities of secondment at the end of my training contract (three years away!).

The brilliant thing about working for a firm like Grant Thornton is the possibilities and resources available to all employees. Not only is there the opportunity for secondment to different offices (see our various insightful secondment blogs) but there is also the opportunity to second into other services that the firm has to offer, such as going from Audit to Tax.

This month I celebrated my 20th birthday (on a day spent learning all about Capital Gains Tax!) so after this I took the opportunity to take a week off. Luckily for me, the week coincided with the Easter holidays of many of my friends at University so I had a really good time catching up. Talking to my friends at University made me realise what a steep but exciting learning curve awaits Accelerate trainees. As an Accelerate trainee you are not treated differently to Graduates and therefore you grow in experience and confidence extremely quickly. Since starting work at Grant Thornton at 18, I have travelled far and wide, visiting clients both alone and with the support of a team. Even simple things like getting to know the tubes around London have gone from being a daunting task, to something I take in my stride. My oddest experience since working here would have to be when travelling to London at 5am to do a stock take in Smithfields meat market, a day which saw me finish work at 11am!

Alongside my birthday celebrations I managed to attend a networking event in Ipswich. This gave me the chance to meet up with friends I have made outside of Grant Thornton from other accountancy and professional services firms, whom I have met from college and other networking events.

This month I look ahead to the start of the annual appraisal process, a week on holiday in Ibiza and fingers crossed, my Personal Tax results… Wish me luck!

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