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Since the Spilling the Beans blog’s incarnation a few years ago, we’ve constantly pushed to develop the site to help it achieve its goal of giving potential trainees an insight into what life is like at Grant Thornton. Two years ago we added a forum, and we were quickly inundated with queries regarding our various offices – clearly it worked and we were starting to learn about what you guys wanted to know about Grant Thornton.

So in September 2012 we started out location blog special; a blog a week on each office from around the country. In order to do this we pulled resources from within the team and contacts with our recruitment officers. Being able to blog about each and every one of our 27 offices was a firm wide effort, and our team is satisfied we managed to pull it off.

Of those 27 offices that have been blogged about, a blogger from each location has told their story. For the team, this has been a great experience and I think we’ve all learnt a bit about each office and city from around the UK.

In truth, it’s often the case that applicants apply for areas that are near home or near their university. I applied to Southampton largely because it was the closest Grant Thornton office to my hometown and I wanted to move back to the south coast. For me, being close to my family was important but having read these blogs, I can see that each office and city have something special to offer.

Picking your location is important. A training contract lasts three to five years, so you’ll want to make sure you’ve picked somewhere you will be happy. That said, the nature of the type of person who works at Grant Thornton is such that we’re an outgoing bunch and the social scene across the firm is active across the board.

In addition, even at trainee level the amount of travel (particularly for regional offices) is high. From my base in Southampton I’ve worked in our Bristol, Oxford, Cardiff and London offices. Auditors particularly will spend much of their time travelling across the local area and become familiar with motorway routes and business parks.

So what will it be for you? There is the small firm regional feel of Cardiff or Belfast where everyone knows everyone. Perhaps you’d prefer to be in the mix with plenty of other trainees at one of the larger offices such as Birmingham or Leeds. Oxford and Cambridge will appeal to those who enjoy picturesque scenery while the lovers of nightlife and diversity may look towards Liverpool or Bristol. For those of you who see the bright lights of London as being too much to resist, our HQ in Euston or modern and central Finsbury Square office may be the choice for you.

If you are moving to a new location like I did, it would make sense to really understand the city as well as the office and role you’re applying to. Maybe spend a weekend there and see what the city has to offer you. It’s always good to get a check on Rightmove too so you can get an idea of how far your dollar will go in terms of accommodation.

Wherever you choose to go, make sure you do it for the right reasons. The last thing anyone wants is for you to feel unhappy in your surroundings. Being in an unfamiliar and new location may seem daunting, but with the good social scene at the firm and the sheer numbers involved in trainee intake each year, you’re bound to feel welcome from day one with your colleagues.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our location blog special, and our team is committed to providing more blog serials in the future so stay tuned for any other updates.

If you have any other questions we’ve not covered in any of the blogs, feel free to post a comment on the blog or below here and the team will get back to you.

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