Molly’s Accelerate Diary – March 2013

Many of you may have already become familiar with Nick’s Diary over the last few months. I have pleasure in starting my own monthly diary entries so you can get an insight into the daily workings of an Accelerate Trainee.

With the ICAS project out of the way last month, I entered the next four weeks ready to tackle my next AAT exam, Personal Tax. At Level 4 I’ve had the chance to choose two out of three optional modules; Business Tax, Personal Tax and External Audit.

As I don’t really get the chance to get my teeth stuck into tax in my day to day role I decided to take Business and Personal Tax. I have to say that it has been the hardest although probably most interesting module I am yet to sit. With so much to learn I really found myself putting in the hours for this exam and using every resource available to me (particularly over the Easter weekend where I found myself drowning in chocolate and revision!) so that I could enter the exam feeling ready. As I write this blog I have just started the Business Tax module and am eagerly awaiting my Personal Tax results which may not come for another five weeks!

On another note, I feel that the end of audit busy season is almost in sight with my first few days in the office in what feels like a long time coming up this week. Over the past month I have worked at a motor dealership and a chemical distribution company which has meant two very different and interesting visits back to clients I had worked on last year when I was just finding my feet. It’s a great feeling to go back to a client who you already know and can continue to build a good relationship with.

Amongst this I attended the careers fair at my old college, Colchester Sixth Form. It was a really great experience which I attended with another trainee from the year above. On this visit I was surprised to learn that only 50% of the college year before me had left to go to university meaning that the other 50% had gone on to find apprentices like me. I was really pleased to see how much interest and enthusiasm there was around the potential of going into work with Grant Thornton straight after college. One thing that many students asked me was whether you had to have taken Maths or Accounts at college, and the answer is no! Although this clearly stands you in good stead for beginning work with Grant Thornton, I have never felt that my having not taken Accounts at college has hindered my progress thanks to the support offered here.

On that note, I leave you for another month of learning, revising, working, oh, and a week off!

2 thoughts on “Molly’s Accelerate Diary – March 2013

  1. avatarandrewdean33

    Hi, I just want to say thank you for your blog, after reading it, it helped with my decision about applying to GT and i just found out today that I got a position for autumn this year in the audit office, london.

  2. avatarMolly Post author

    Thanks Andrew I’m really glad it helped and big congratulations on getting a position in the London office!! I’m really pleased for you, and glad to hear that the blog had been helpful!

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