Sapna’s Internship Blog

Hi, I’m Sapna and I am the Grant Thornton Campus Ambassador at City University. I completed an Internship at Grant Thornton’s Financial Services Tax Team and have pleasure in writing a second blog for this site.

Following on from my first blog I am going to talk about my six weeks at Grant Thornton last summer, I hope this will give you a better idea of what to expect from an internship, and also through your first few weeks at Grant Thornton.

During the first few days, I set up goals with my manager which was a good guideline for me to see how I was performing and understanding the different types of work within compliance that I was doing. My manager helped me set up goals based on my interests and I aimed to gain a foundation for most areas and develop a few areas further. Right from the first week, I started work on projects and began understanding the different types of clients we work with. I got experience in several different areas of financial services tax, from offshore finds to understanding the new FATCA rules.

There were several events through the six weeks that we attended. Examples include a welcome event with all the London interns and some graduates which was a great way to get to know all the other interns in the first week. There were some ‘lunch and learns’ where we got to learn about different areas of the business. It gave me the chance to understand the different audit teams better and learn about all the various tax teams.

During the internship, we went to Bradenham for two days and took part in a ‘Developing your business impact’ training session. This gave us a chance to develop several business skills and we focused on improving our presentation skills. It is also a really good two days to get to meet interns from across the UK, and is a fun packed two days. I should add that Bradenham has amazing food!

Each office was asked to have a few interns as ‘ champions’ to help fundraise to buy equipment for the corporate social responsibility day. Being a champion was great fun and with the other interns we raised over 700GBP in two weeks. All the interns across the UK got together in Birmingham for the day where we painted a school, built a wood trail and made several paintings. It was really fun to spend time with interns and getting to know everyone socially.

The time spent at the firm was a great way to get to know the members of the team professionally and socially as it is really important that you get on with those you work with! My team also had an away day planned which was a really great way to get to know the team – I really felt welcomed and enjoyed getting to know associates and directors better. I definitely enjoyed the six weeks and I hope this gives you an idea of what to expect of an internship at Grant Thornton.

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