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Over the past few months I’ve found it fascinating to read our series of Location Blogs from guest bloggers around the country. It’s certainly encouraged me to find a way of visiting a few more of the Grant Thornton offices and has made me realise how much I miss my university city of Bristol. Now, however, the baton has been passed to me. It’s the turn of the London Euston blog!

There are two offices based in London, London Euston and London Finsbury. Although they both have the obvious advantage of being based in the capital, the offices themselves are quite different, both in terms of services provided and the general vibe. We’ll be posting a blog on the London Finsbury office next week.

The London Euston office is located right next to Euston station which makes commuting really easy (Euston station is on the Northern and Victoria line and both Kings Cross St Pancras and Euston Square stations are just a couple of minutes walk away). Although Euston itself might not be the most attractive or exciting part of London, it’s only two tube stops from Oxford Street and ten minutes from central London. The proximity to the station means there are loads of places to go for lunch nearby, including Nandos. This is my team’s (and most of the office’s) favourite place to eat, so much so that Grant Thornton employees get a discount on Fridays! The office also has a subsidised canteen which does a good range of sandwiches, salads and hot meals.

We occupy all eight floors of Grant Thornton House (as you would expect!), and the departments based here are mostly Tax and Audit. The teams based in the London Finsbury office tend to be ones like Corporate Finance and Recovery & Reorganisation due to the office’s proximity to the City.

It’s difficult to describe the type of clients we have as there are such a variety of teams in London. Being based in the capital city our clients do tend to be large companies, a lot of them being related to financial services. In my team (Entrepreneur & Private Client) we work for High Net Worth Individuals and Entrepreneurs so we have some really interesting high profile clients.

Last year the Grant Thornton London offices took on 38 trainees in total, 26 in audit and 12 in tax. The large number of the trainees joining in the same intake means you’re in the same boat as a lot of people which makes the change from university or school to ‘real life’ that bit easier. There’s also plenty of scope for social events.

The social activities aren’t restricted to the trainees. Most teams will have social events during the year, for example, my team had a Chinese meal followed by karaoke two weeks ago and on Wednesday there’s a pub quiz. For the whole firm there is also the legendary London Christmas Party. Employees from Euston, Finsbury and Gatwick are invited to this event so there are normally around 1,000 people there. This year the theme was Gatsby Glamour and we took over Vinopolis in London Bridge.

As in all of our offices there are plenty of opportunities to get involved in volunteering. In the past I have taken part in the JP Morgan Challenge (a 5k run in Battersea Park) and I have taught Money Maths to 9 year olds in a local primary school for one hour a week. There are also a variety of sports clubs and other groups such as a below manager networking group.

I will leave it there before the rest of the team accuse me of rambling on about London again but feel free to ask me questions below or let me know if you would like to know something about a specific department.

4 thoughts on “Location Blog Special – London Euston

  1. avatarrachael

    Hi, I was just wondering do you regularly have clients who are outside of London or are the majority of your clients in London? Thanks

  2. avatarVictor

    Hi Rachel,

    Below is a response from one of my colleagues, Mia, based in London. I hope this is helpful.

    I work in the tax department and am in my third year of working for Grant Thornton. Although I do have clients that are based outside of London, the majority of my clients are quite close to the offices in Euston and I have only been on a tax site visit outside of London twice.

    However, I understand that if you are applying to the audit department then a fair few of your clients may be based outside of London. Most of my friends in the audit department have worked on ‘away’ audit jobs outside of London but you will be put up in a hotel for the entire job with expenses (to a limit) covered by Grant Thornton. There are also a few overseas jobs. Examples of places that people in my in-take have travelled to, to work on audit jobs, are America, Africa, Germany and South America.

    What I would say is that tax teams are a lot more office based, and will spend more of their time in the London office than at client offices, however audit teams will spend the majority of their time at the client offices.

    I hope this helps!

    Kind regards


  3. avatarshamz782


    1. Love the blog

    2. Is there anything you could tell me about the Business Growth Services Department? That might possibly put me ahead during my interview?

    Kind Regards

  4. avataradmin

    Hi Shamim

    We are just in the process of getting in touch with one of our colleagues from the BGS department to find out some more information.

    As background, would you be able to let us know what the role you are applying for is please; as then we can make sure any advice given is relevant to your situation?

    Thanks a lot.


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