The World of Entrepreneurial and Private Client

Hi, I’m Kirill and I joined the Bristol office as a graduate in September 2011 in the Entrepreneurial and Private Client (EPC) team. I am working towards the Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) qualification and have recently sat my ATT exams with my results pending (fingers crossed). Despite the economic climate, EPC nationally is growing at Grant Thornton and we are currently looking for graduates to fill positions in our Oxford office. As a result, I thought I’d share some of my experiences with you to see if my line of work is something you might be interested in.

As the saying goes, there are only two certain things in life: death and taxes. Being a member of the EPC team entails occasionally dealing with both. We help our clients in a variety of ways: assisting with tax efficient disposals of companies and investments, estate planning and safeguarding family wealth, as well as making sure that their current tax affairs are in order.

Naturally, things like that are often obscure to the general public, thus technical expertise becomes of the utmost importance. Grant Thornton’s structured training and development programme helps you to stay on top of fundamentals of the UK tax system and updated on the latest court cases and legislation alike. The EPC field is extremely varied, and one can often find oneself trying to keep in mind a set of tax implications whilst bearing in mind the legal side of things.

As far as the clients go, the EPC team focuses on suppling advice and assistance to a wide range of high net worth individuals and entrepreneurs. I have worked on some really interesting cases, including professional athletes and a number of well known celebrities as well as other people with unconventional backgrounds.

It is a common cliche, but there is definitely no such thing as a typical day. Some weeks I find myself working on a single project and sometimes I have to respond to requests from a dozen clients before lunch – anything goes! On a few occasions I have been involved in research for tax publications in national media about new legislation – it really shows that the work we do in our department is of universal interest!

If you’d like to know anymore about my department or the type of work I do, please feel free to comment below and the Spilling the Beans team will be happy to help. Otherwise, happy applying!

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  1. avatarkaty26


    I know that you say theres is not one typical day working in the Entrepreneurial and Private Client tax team, but do you find yourself undertaking more advisory or compliance based work? Do you find yourself using numbers and calculations often or is it mainly legislation based?

    Also, do you think that when the Budget is released soon this will have a direct impact on the work you do day to day?

    Thanks in advance,

  2. avatarLucy

    Hi Katy

    I work in EPC in London so I thought I would reply to you. EPC teams tend to do a mixture of compliance and advisory although with my team (I’m not sure if this is true around the country) we are becoming more advisory focussed. In my first year at Grant Thornton I did purely compliance – this is a really good way to learn and helps a lot in the tax exams. As I am progressing I am doing less compliance and more advisory work.

    Although there are quite a few numbers, it’s not very maths based really. We use software and Excel to do a lot of the work and a lot of the maths is fairly basic – like percentages for example.

    We use legislation a lot, this is something that increases as you progress in the firm and as you do more advisory work.

    The Budget will definitely have an impact on our work. This is when the new rules, rates and percentages are announced so it is an important day for us. As we’ve already had the Autumn Statement we’ve got a fairly good idea of what’s coming up but there are usually a few surprises!


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