Away Day

Last Friday started well for me – an extra hour in bed followed by a bacon sandwich for breakfast – what’s not to like?

Once a year, teams in Grant Thornton have a day away from the office in the name of team building and getting to know their colleagues. Friday was that day for London’s Entrepreneurial and Private Client team. As we’re a generous bunch we also let the Financial Planning team come along too.

Following the excellent bacon sandwich we headed upstairs for a workshop on building our personal brand. I’ll admit I was pretty dubious about this, I’m not sure I like the idea of thinking of myself as having a brand but in the end it turned out to be a very interesting couple of hours. I now know how to shake hands and introduce myself effectively, what colours I definitely should not wear and how to modify my voice so that I don’t betray signs of nervousness when doing any public speaking.

After a coffee break we headed outside for the team-building activities. I’m not sure why but apparently team building is most effective when it involves being wet and muddy. There were a variety of challenges but at least one of them involved crawling along the ground and a couple resulted in us getting covered in water (see photos).

Team building (and getting wet!)
The day ended back inside for a much needed BBQ (inside unfortunately due to the weather) and a drink! Our away day helped us to get to know our colleagues a bit better and was a refreshing break from the office.

The winning team (not mine, unfortunately)

I now have a slightly less refreshing break from the office as, like Nick, I’m now off to study for my CTA exams in November. Hopefully we’ll both be feeling positive when we return!

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