London vs. the regions – the final word?

After reading both Nick and Lucy’s’ blogs I thought I’d put in my two pennies worth. Both of them make good points, but I really don’t think it matters if you choose either London or one of our regional offices. The firm is full of opportunities, just today I heard that a trainee who joined at the same time as I did is currently working at a client in Romania (and he is based in the Cardiff office).

Being based in London doesn’t necessarily mean you’re always working on the biggest clients, as we provide services to all shapes and sizes of businesses and organisations spread across the UK. Some of the most interesting projects I’ve been involved in have been for some of our smallest clients and one client I work on regularly has annual expenditure of over a billion pounds, and it isn’t based in London. This means irrespective of location you’ll gain exposure to some really challenging and rewarding work during your training contract.

If it’s down to preference on the environment you want to live in, that’s a very personal decision that we can’t really help you make. I for one grew up on a sheep farm on the edge of the peak district so I’m not sure that London city centre living would be right for me. Importantly (for me) I doubt I could get an allotment in London which is one of my ways of unwinding at the weekends, not to mention I love the fresh veg.

Having said all that I do enjoy visiting London and get to do so on a regular basis. Study wise CIPFA trainees at the firm who join our government assurance departments attend college in Southwark for five weeks of the year. I’m at college this week so after a hard days study I’ve been spending my evenings exploring London and sampling the entertainment it has to offer.

Just last week I attended various social media themed events on behalf of the firm whilst visiting the national communications team for three days. This included panel discussions and networking events at the HQs of Capgemini and News Corporation as part of social media week. As part of the Spilling the Beans team I regularly attend meetings in the Euston office. This means I get to interact with members of the firms national leadership board who are based in our London offices. So not being based in London certainly doesn’t limit you career wise as all trainees are encouraged to build internal and external networks across the firm and across the country.

So to conclude, which is better, London or the regions? It’s purely up to what you think will suit you? I’m happy in Bristol and get to travel around cities in the Southwest on a regular basis. There will always be trips to London on the cards and hopefully like Tasha (our globetrotting team member) there will be some international travel opportunities in the not too distant future.

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