Nick’s Diary – August 2011

Although the Grant Thornton football tournament isn’t strictly speaking August’s news, I guess it’s due a mention. Congratulations went out to Manchester as they beat Liverpool in the final of what was a scorching hot summer’s day. My football skills didn’t exactly come to fruition but at least I can say I had a good weekend nonetheless.

One of my Grant Thornton employee highlights came about this month as I took the train up to London for a photo shoot for this year’s graduate recruitment brochure. I’ve always insisted that tax is a varied role, although I certainly didn’t expect to be posing in a busy London street as part of my job. Embarrassing? Yes – but quite a laugh all the same. Luckily, I timed my visit well and was able to tag along to the London interns leaving bash for a few laughs and a late train home.

It is the nature of the tax-beast that the workload fluctuates throughout the year. Here in the Southampton office, we’re going through our quiet time. A perfect opportunity to take a holiday then – a quiet break in the West Country was just what I needed.

My week off couldn’t have been better timed either. With August sandwiched by ATT courses, the exam season is heating up. A small rest bite was ideal to regenerate that determination and I’m feeling prepared to tackle the final six mock exams head on next month.

Maybe September’s diary entry won’t be quite as memorable…

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