A typical day in the life of an audit partner (Simon Jones)

A typical day? There isn’t one, but here is a brief outline of today’s events.

Early morning client meeting together with one of my audit managers. We meet the 45% share holding director and a representative of another business who have recently acquired the other 55% of the business. We discuss and conclude on the issues that arose during the audit and then sign off the financial statements. In a separate meeting with the 45% shareholder we discuss the proposal he has received to sell his shares to the 55% shareholder. This second meeting covers a range of issues from what price he is willing to sell for, what the tax issues are likely to be and the financial risk to him of taking the money over several years.

I then shoot back to the office, review a couple of items for later meetings and catch up with my PA on what needs to be done. I then have a meeting with another of my audit managers to discuss the draft Key Issues Memorandum for a client (the key document arising from the audit setting out what we found during our work). This is followed by a short meeting with another client who has popped in to sign of his accounts. The accounts sign off doesn’t take long, but we use the meeting as a chance to catch up on the business itself. Excellent news as they have sold three new large pieces of machinery totalling £1.7 million in the last few days!

Having grabbed a quick sandwich, my next meeting was a development interview with a senior manager where I interviewed him while he was filmed and watched by his coach so that he could get some feedback on how he presents himself in meetings. Back at my desk I catch up on emails and telephone calls, catch up on client matters with two of my fellow partners and then have a meeting with one of my managers on a thorny technical issue.

To finish the day I am writing this blog before going out to a celebratory dinner for a number of my office’s newly qualifieds to say congratulations on passing all of their exams.

What would I say my achievement of the day has been? For me, helping to develop someones career has been my greatest achievement today.

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