Wine tasting evening

One of the things I like most about Grant Thornton is the way in which employees of all levels are encouraged to get involved with additional corporate activities. So when I was offered the chance to attend a marketing event, I leapt at the opportunity! The event was a wine tasting evening with Barclays, Credit Suisse, Clarke Wilmott and TLT. As we were hosting the wine tasting, we decided to go a little earlier than the start time to ensure that everything had been set up correctly at the venue. WOW!! I knew that my manager, Rich, had spent a long time in choosing a good location, but I didn’t know that he’d found probably the best place in the UK for wine tasting. It was in a massive underground wine cellar that was built in the Middle Ages and next to the oldest pub in Bristol – this area had clearly witnessed a lot of drinking in the past and we intended to continue that tradition tonight! The owners of the wine cellar had set up four candlelit tables in the middle of the cellar and it was rather worrying to see that each place setting had a large number of wine glasses next to it – exactly how many wines were we going to be tasting?! I went back outside ready to greet our guests, secretly wishing that I had eaten more at lunch, especially since the friendly waiters and waitresses were making it impossible to move more than three feet without being offered champagne.

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